20 of the punniest narrowboat names we've seen

One of the greatest ways to personalise your boat is by choosing the perfect name, but it’s easy to feel the pier pressure knowing it’s going to be permanently painted on the exterior for all to see. We’ve seen an array of humorous and witty offerings, but here are our personal puntastic favourites to help lock in some inspiration.

Starting with some maritime classics from boaters who have been influenced by their nautical surroundings, these aqua-based names are guaranteed to have gone down a treat on the waterways:

  1. 1. Knot So Fast
  2. 2. Aboat Time
  3. 3. Nauti-Buoy
  4. 4. Moor Often Then Knot
  5. 5. Ship Happens
  6. 6. Incognito
  7. 7. Armada Here
  8. 8. Over the Hull
  9. 9. Taking a Punt
  10. 10. Float Your Boat
  11. 11. Moorning Sunshine
  12. 12. Pier Pressure
  13. 13. Time to Wine Down
  14. 14. Soggy Bottom (not strictly a pun, but one for the Bake Off fans out there)
  15. 15. Unsinkable II (again not a pun, but another boat name worthy of admiration)


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Then there are the owners who have combined their love of their boats with their favourite tunes. Here are three of the best for the appreciation of the music lovers out there:

  1. 16. Smells Like White Spirit 
  2. 17. Gangplank Style
  3. 18. Mooring On Up


Forget naming after historical figures and literary greats, these two sports fans have dedicated their boat names to their personal heroes:

  1. 19. Usain Boat
  2. 20. Marina Sharipova


Despite our full appreciation of these fantastically punny names, it’s important to think carefully when deciding upon the perfect name for your narrowboat. Whereas a cracking pun may be a source of great amusement initially, you want to be sure you won’t tire of it. After all, it’s going to be painted on the side of your boat, so will either be a permanent dreaded reminder of the night you drank too much home-brewed cider or more hopefully, it’ll be the perfect depiction of your pride and joy. When choosing your own narrowboat name, it’s always good to draw inspiration from things that are meaningful to you - whether that’s a person, place, sentimental object, or even a favourite food! Also, be sure to consider that it’s etiquette amongst fellow boaters not to use the same name as a neighbour, so avoid mimicking names of fellow boats moored in the same marina or along the same stretch of canal. 

Ready to choose your new narrowboat name but stuck for ideas? Use our narrowboat name generator to choose the perfect personalised boat name.

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