5 Reasons You Should Try Paddle Board Yoga

Yoga is a worldwide lifesaver for many people, it helps with stress and flexibility as well as physical and mental fitness. One of the best things about it, is that you can practice it anywhere, whether that be outdoors, indoors - or even on the water!

Paddle board yoga is fast becoming the new way to wind down and relax. Being ‘at one’ with the water seems to be the answer to everyone’s troubles… but why?


1. Improves Balance

Standard, on-land yoga tests your balance, but SUP yoga really challenges it. With a lot of practice, you’ll soon master the downward dog as well as plenty of other great yoga poses, allowing you to discover your weaknesses and also your strengths.

 2. It’s Great For The Core 

 Develop your core strength with SUP yoga, without the safe, solid ground beneath, you have no choice but to use your core for support and balance. You’ll soon notice your SUP yoga skills improving as you strengthen your core.

 3. Improves Your Standard Yoga Skills 

sign up to myboatThere’s no question that as you improve your paddle board yoga skills, your on-land yoga skills will also naturally improve. When practising yoga on land, it’s easy to fall into bad habits or cheats, SUP yoga doesn’t allow for this, any cheats and you’ll end up in the water!

 4. Allows You to Take On New Challenges

New challenges allow you to expand your skill set and can also give you opportunities to meet new people. This new social circle may be the help you need for when it’s time to escape and enjoy a little time outside of your busy schedule.

5. Helps to De-stress 

Putting your focus into something else helps to distract you from your real life worries, enabling you to relieve stress build-up. Doing something you enjoy helps to clear your mind and allows you to put any other problems into perspective.

Paddle Board Maintenance Guide 

Header Image Source: SURfit - (CC BY 2.0)

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