5 Tips for Staying Eco-Friendly on Your Narrowboat

Living on a narrowboat can be a very eco-friendly way of life. And living in such close proximity to nature subconsciously prompts you to be more environmentally conscious, too. So with our top tips, here’s how to improve your eco-friendly credentials on your narrowboat…

  1. Keeping warm in the winter

If you’re feeling chilly in the winter, don't just ramp up your heating; make sure you have plenty of thick blankets and layers to hand, and definitely consider stocking up on hot water bottles. There’s nothing that warms a bed quite like a hot water bottle under the covers! and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by cutting energy costs.


  1. Clean your narrowboat naturally

Eco-friendly cleaning products are a must if you want to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Look for brands that don’t contain harmful chemicals or consider making your own. Bicarbonate of soda is a good choice: sprinkle it down the sink to banish smells, mix with vinegar for an effective glass cleaner or use with warm water as a DIY shampoo. Lemon juice with table salt cleans brass extremely well, too.


  1. Go solar where possible

New Call-to-actionUse rechargeable batteries as much as possible and consider buying a solar-powered energy charger. Then you can simply leave your charger on deck on a sunny day and you’ll have a free phone charge.


  1. Water is free for boat users

Boat owners pay the Canal Trust an annual license fee and included in that is water payment. If you live in a marina, your water usage is covered by the mooring fee. And although you may think this would lead to an unbridled use of water by boat dwellers, it’s in fact the opposite, and much lower than the average house or flat usage.


  1. Forage

The good thing about inland waterways is that the surrounding land often contains lots of watercress, herbs, cherries, berries, and even apples so you don’t have to buy your wild fruit from the supermarket and you don’t have to spend money on plastic packaging!

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