5 Ways Paddleboarding Will Improve Your Fitness

Exercise doesn’t have to be in the form of running or cycling… There are plenty of other exciting ways to keep fit, like paddleboarding!


Here are five ways paddleboarding will improve your fitness…

1. Cardio Workout

Racing friends on the water pushes you to paddle faster, increasing your heart rate and enabling you to burn more fat. For those who enjoy working out alone, get yourself a stopwatch and start timing yourself. Beating your personal best time is a great achievement and will motivate you to keep working hard.


2. Improves Balance

Paddleboarding really tests your balance because you’re required to stand up on the board using your core and leg strength. The more you practise, the stronger your legs and core will become, improving your balance both on and off the water.


sign up to myboat3. Improves Endurance

Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to monitor your endurance and stamina. Practising continuous paddling movement will improve your muscle strength, enabling you to paddle for longer periods of time, this is an indication that your endurance has improved.


4. Strengthens Your Core

Even if you’re unaware of it, paddleboarding is a great way to strengthen your core. Paddling whilst stood up requires a great deal of balance which will come from your core, and you’ll find yourself using muscles that you don’t often use.


5. Helps Mental Fitness

Paddleboarding requires focus and concentration which is great for those who want to clear the mind, relieve stress and escape from the real world.

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