Size Selection when it comes to Boats? Check out these Top Small Speedboats

If you're on the lookout for a new speedboat but don’t want to feel overwhelmed by a larger vessel, you needn’t worry that a more compact size will equate to reduced power. There are plenty of speedboats that sport smaller frames but are just as swift in the water, and often more convenient. Within this blog, we will explore some of the top smaller speedboats available on the market, from classic designs to sleek, futuristic looks, all offering great efficiency that won’t take up too much space in your dock, there really is something for everyone.

Making your speedboat size selection

It’s important that you choose the right size when it comes to selecting your speedboat. It's not just about wanting the biggest and flashiest boat on the water. Choosing the correct size is about finding the perfect balance between speed, power and stability. A smaller boat may be more manoeuvrable, but it may struggle to handle choppy water conditions. A larger boat may offer more power and speed, but it can also be harder to control. The right size is dependent on what type of water conditions you expect to spend most of your time in, as well as your level of experience and comfort on the water. A major consideration is the type and size of vehicle you have available to launch and recover your boat if launching off a trailer.

Sea Ray

One of the most well-known brands of small speedboats is Sea Ray. Their smaller speedboats are one of the biggest players in this category. Their 6-metre bowrider speedboat is ideal for offering superior boating comfort and is a popular choice for boat lovers. Sea Ray says that their boats are all made using meticulous craftsmanship, with inspired design, offering effortless performance, and unrivalled support, all combined to create elevated experiences. 

Boston Whaler

With an impressive catalogue on the market, dating back 60 years, Boston Whaler speedboats are renowned for their superior build quality, sturdiness and durability. There are around 40 models to choose from, meaning you will have a reasonable amount to search through to be able to pick the right-sized model for you. Another option is to customise your own speedboat via their ‘Build your Whaler’ feature, ensuring it’s the right size, colour, engine size, seating and any additional features to suit your needs.


The Bayliner range offers boating enthusiasts sleek and stylish options to choose between. On the market for decades, since they were established in 1957, Bayliner has developed its range to include an accessible line of affordable boats to ensure as many people as possible can experience the freedom cruising in a speedboat brings. Models such as the VR5 Cuddy and the VR6 Bowrider are ideal small speedboats to consider when venturing out on the water.


As a boating manufacturer, Chaparral offers a range of fun, sporty and sophisticated speedboats. As a result of offering both inboard and outboard models, these boats are popular with wakeboarders and watersports enthusiasts alike; everyone who values the elegant profile as well as the latest tech being featured. As well as their larger models, they also have their outboard range, as well as their towable Surf Series which are all ideal choices for those looking for smaller speedboat cruisers.        

Ultimately, choosing the right speedboat comes down to your own personal preferences and requirements. With numerous options available, it’s important to find the balance between size, performance, cost and safety when finding the right model for you. Understanding what’s available from some of the top speedboat manufacturers will help to narrow down the search for your ideal model, one that suits your needs for features, size, shape and safety. Why not visit one of the UK boat shows like Southampton Boat Show, Boatlife and other local boating events. To find out more, download our free guide to find out more ‘Top Tips on Avoiding a Speedboat Collision’. 

Top Tips on Avoiding a Speedboat Collision

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