Equipment must-haves for RIB owners

With such a versatile range of uses, from short to long-distance cruises, diving or fishing trips, family days out, or even commercial use, there is a lot to consider when selecting what to take with you when out on your RIB. However, it’s no secret that space on board a RIB is limited, so you need to be selective about what equipment you take on board. This blog will help you streamline your kit bag, with handy guidance on the essentials that you won’t want to be without.

General Boating Equipment

Whatever outing type you have planned, here are the very basics that you’ll need for any trip out on the water:

  • Anchor, Chain & Warp (Rope)
  • Mooring Warps (Rope)
  • Towing Rope
  • Boat hook
  • Pump for tubes
  • Compass and/or GPS device
  • Safety kit (see details below)
  • Puncture repair kit for tubes

A guide to RIB cruise routes

Safety Equipment

This category of kit is integral for all cruises out on your RIB, no matter how short. You want to be sure never leave dry land without the following basic safety equipment:


Recreational Equipment

In addition to the standard items listed above, luxury items and water toys will make your will make your outings with family and friends even more memorable. Here are the little extras that can make a big difference to your leisure trips out on your RIB.


Maintenance Toolkit

These series of tools are handy to keep readily available, but don’t comprise essential kit for day-to-day trips. You may, however, wish to take come of this equipment on longer cruises so that you’re covered should an incident occur and you need to complete emergency repairs when moored up away from your base location. For full details of RIB maintenance, read our blog RIB Maintenance guide 101.

  • Engine spares (spark plugs, engine oil and fuses)
  • Shear pins (if appropriate for your engine)
  • Pull cord (in case of flat battery)
  • Spanners, screwdrivers and pliers
  • WD-40
  • Stainless-steel knife
  • Spare bungs
  • Heavy-duty tape


Looking for somewhere new to explore with your RIB? Check out our eBook A guide to RIB cruise routes

A guide to RIB cruise routes

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