Fun Boat Activities for Onboard Your RIB

There are loads of different kinds of activities you can enjoy whilst out and about on your RIB. Whether you’re into wet and wild or something a little more relaxed, there’s plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained on board…

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Here are some of the best activities to enjoy aboard your RIB!

  1. Wakesurfing

Wake-surfing has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years to the point where new power systems have been developed just for this sport. But even if your boat hasn’t been specifically designed for wakesurfing, if your boat makes a wake (and it most probably does) then you can surf it.


  1. Golfishing

This sport combines golfing and fishing and here’s how it works… You count how many casts it takes to catch a fish, then you pitch an inner-tube over the side of your boat, place a piece of artificial turf on the bow and count how many strokes it takes to chip a golf ball (eco-friendly ones, of course) through the tube. Combine the numbers, and you get your score!

  1. Alternative Harvest

If the fish don’t bite, then turn your hand to other sea dwellers that are fun to catch and great to eat! Try tonging for oysters, crabbing, digging for clams, snorkeling for lobster, hand-catching bay scallops - depending on where you’re boating, there’s bound to be a wide range of alternative species you could pursue!

  1. DIY Project

Maintenance chores and boat repair can be a little dull. But taking on a project can also be a  lot of fun… Grab your family, friends, whomever you like to boat with, and hand out the screwdrivers and start fixing things up! Or get decorating with a little bit of paint or make your own flag to fly at the back of your RIB.

  1. Don’t forget the snacks!

Load your boat up with plenty snacks for you and your kids, friends, and family. Granola bars, pretzels, sweet potato fries, dried fruit, and bagels are all good ideas that work well in the boat because they won’t create mess and they stay tasty, even in the warmth of the sun

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Header Image Source: Matt Freeman - (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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