Hotspots to Enhance your Jet Ski Experience

Jet skiing can be an addictive hobby once it gets its hooks into you. Many passionate jet skiers go as far as to base their holiday locations around where they can take their watercraft, so as not to have to leave their precious PWC behind. That optimal mix of beautiful surroundings, amenities, and entertainment enhances and complements those hours on the waves. 

This article explores three of our favourite destinations for jet skiers in the UK, considering the area's local landscape, conveniences, and jet ski communities.

Every location here has been chosen for its distinct features. Whether you seek serene waters for honing your skills, or more demanding waves for pushing your boundaries, there's a destination here for you. Discover an array of entertainment and dining choices- from delectable native dishes to historical landmarks and awe-inspiring natural vistas- catering for every taste and whim.  

Falmouth, Cornwall

Falmouth in Cornwall is one of the UK's top hotspots for jet skiing, located on the coast and just a few miles from the Helford River's jaw-dropping beauty. This picturesque countryside is absolutely perfect for exploring on a jet ski. The river is well-maintained, and several rental companies in the area offer high-quality jet skis and knowledgeable staff to help you make the most of your experience. 

It offers the complete jet skiing experience: breathtaking scenery, as well as a diverse array of local pubs and restaurants along the waterfront when you are done for the day.

It is worth noting that you will need an annual Falmouth Haven permit before you can get started. These only cost £5, and are valid for 12 months.

Solent, Southampton

Another popular location for jet skiing in the UK is the Solent, located on the south coast of England. The Solent offers miles of sheltered waters, making it an ideal location for jet skiing, even in inclement weather. There are several rental companies in the area, and the Solent is also home to several local jet ski clubs, providing a wonderful opportunity for socialising and exploring the area together. 

However, it is worth pointing out here that the River Hamble- which runs through Botley and Curbridge and out to the Solent- has seen more stringent laws in recent years, designed to protect its ecosystem in the face of the area’s growing popularity. So long as you respect these laws and don’t top 7mph until you get to the Solent itself, they won’t stop you from having an amazing time in some of the country's most stunning waterways.

Abersoch, Gwynedd

It is not just England blessed with perfect locations, Wales has many ideal locations for your water adventures. Colwyn Bay has its fans, but for our third choice, we have gone with Abersoch, in Gwynedd.

Abersoch is a trendy little town, which not only boasts a bay beloved by watersport fans the country over, but also an 18-hole golf course and some of the most popular beaches on the Llyn Peninsula. 

A little tip from us is to get there early, especially in peak season as those parking spaces disappear faster than hotel sunloungers… 

If you fancy something a little quieter, you have the option of the second slipway, closer to Bwich Tocyn- albeit, with a narrow, slightly trickier access point.

The United Kingdom truly is blessed with some of the finest sites for jet skiing enthusiasts, these are just three of our favourites. Magnificent landscapes, exceptional amenities, and limitless possibilities for enjoyment and excitement are just some of the perks on offer. Which one gives the perfect jet ski experience? Well, you’ll just have to try them all…

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