Jack Graham Troll’s Top 10 Tips for Protecting Your Dinghy This Winter

If you’re resting your boat up for the winter, it’s easy to pack it away as you always do and forget about it until spring.

But there are a few simple steps to make sure it is safe and secure in the dinghy park. Hear first-hand from junior racing champion Jack Graham-Troll on his top 10 tips for protecting your boat during the winter months!

Tip #1

Wash your boat down thoroughly and polish it with a good quality hull polish before covering it over for the winter.

Tip #2

Remove the bungs to let the air inside the hull expand and contract with the rise and fall in temperatures.

Tip #3

Lubricate all blocks and moving parts to ensure they don’t seize up.

Tip #4

Remove any sails and controls from your boat, mice and rats like to eat things and find a warm cosy place to sleep. Store sails in a dry place, free from humidity and damp, make sure that pests can’t get in, as even the garage might not be safe!

Tip #5

Check your top and bottom covers for holes, frayed stitching and broken straps. Holes will let the winter weather in and the straps will need to keep the cover secure in strong winds and with the weight of snow.

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Source: Jack Graham-Troll

Tip #6

Tie your boat down securely and chock the wheels, storms are coming that will blow your boat away. Check the boats around are safe and secure too, making sure they won’t topple over in strong winds on top of yours.

Tip #7

Pump up the trolley tyres or if possible remove the wheels and take them home.

Tip #8

Cut and clear away overgrown grass and weeds from around your boat, keep the pests and insects out and protect your trolley and under covers. Storing under trees and next to buildings is maybe not the best idea, as broken branches, leaves and falling debris can all damage your boat.

Tip #9

Satisfy yourself that your storage facility is safe, secure, protects against theft or vandalism and meets the requirements of your insurance policy.

Tip #10

‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Don’t forget about your boat, make periodic checks to ensure all is well, as problems will only get worse if left.

Here’s to happy sailing in 2022!

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