Narrowboat Safety and Security Tips

The security of your narrowboat is probably one of your biggest concerns, especially if you leave it for long periods of time at various locations around the country. To help keep your possessions safe, we have written this blog to outline multiple ways you can leave your narrowboat knowing it’s secure.


If using your roof for storage space, ensure you secure a locked roof box - it’s not uncommon for belongings to be swiftly swiped off the top by passers by. We also advise you keep all curtains and blinds shut to avoid any peepers catching their eye on any valuables that encourage them to break in. For those who don’t live aboard permanently, take your belongings home - it might be added effort but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If mooring in urban areas, it is important you use chains for extra security, this stops pranksters casting off your boat.


Doors and windows

Some of the most important parts of your boat to be secured can easily be forgotten with all the coming and going. Doors, windows and hatches should be a main priority because they are the easiest points to get into. Ensure all doors and hatches are made from solid timber and are fastened with heavy duty internal hasps. For the windows, use a top quality cylinder padlock.


Alarm systems and wireless security systems

From alarms to CCTV and security lights, there are plenty of security gadgets that can really help towards keeping your narrowboat secure. These can be quite expensive but if it stops anyone breaking in, it will be well worth every penny. If you spend a lot of time away from your boat, a GPS tracker could be the best option because it automatically alerts both you and the police if the boat moves for any reason. Engine immobilisers work really well to prevent people from stealing the boat itself because it physically stops the engine from starting.


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Fuel lock cap

Whilst you may not think it, stealing fuel is quite common, however it can be prevented. Often people steal fuel because it’s right there and easy to take. Secure a lockable filler cap to your fuel tap; this simple addition works well as a deterrent because it makes the act of stealing fuel much more difficult and not worth the bother.



All in all, the best way to ensure your boat and its belongings are secure is to get insurance. Insurers such as GJW Direct offer automatic live aboard cover, all risks contents insurance and excellent financial security - read more here.


Keep up to date with your boat with MyBoat, an online portal powered by GJW Direct, which will give you an insight into all things boating!



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Source: Tim Green - (CC BY 2.0)


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