Tips for Finding the Right Boat Dealer


Purchasing the perfect boat for you and your family is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want ‘the one’ best suited to your wants and needs without the hassle of being messed around, so it’s better to find the right dealer sooner rather than later.


Whether this is your first time buying and have no idea where to start, or you have previously owned a boat and know exactly what you need, having the right boat dealer will make the whole process that little bit easier. 

Ask yourself the following questions before deciding on a boat dealer…

Are they “certified”?

When searching for the right one, be sure to look for whether they are a Marine Industry Certified Dealership. If so, it means the dealership has committed to complete customer satisfaction and meets specific standards.

To have earnt a certification, the dealer must have proved that they exceed program standards in areas such as customer service and customer satisfaction. To ensure the dealer keeps up to this high standard, they are recertified every two years.

You should expect an excellent service when buying from a Marine Industry Certified Dealership, on which is reliable, has quality products and friendly employees.


Have you done your research?

It’s always a good idea to do your research before agreeing to anything, check customer reviews and reports online to gain a real insight into the quality of service which they claim to provide.

Alternatively, you can get involved in online forums and social media sites such as Twitter and Linkedin to ask both former and current customers that way.

However, remember not to be too hasty if you come across the odd negative comment, do enough research to ensure you have an overall idea and understanding. Watch for whether positive comments outweigh the negative.


Is the showroom clean and organised?

This may seem a little nitpicky, but how a company presents itself to its customers says a lot about them. Being organised suggests they are reliable and are less likely to be behind with paperwork etc.

The way they look after themselves should reflect on how they will look after your product, in this case, your beloved boat. If their showroom displays boats which have clearly been kept in pristine conditions, you can be reassured that yours will be kept in the same way.


Are staff efficient?

Do the staff at the dealership leave you waiting or do they approach you asking how they can help? Do they take a while to get back to you or are they prompt when returning you calls and emails? These little gestures show they care about their customers and really do want to help you make the best decision.

Efficient staff help make a deal run smoothly, avoiding complications along the way, resulting in a process which can be quite tedious, easier and simpler.


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