Top 7 Marina Safety Tips

Storing your boat at a UK marina has many benefits, from enhanced security to being part of a close-knit community. But there are certain precautions you should take regardless of your mooring situation and there are general good boat safety protocols you should follow.

Research your marina

When selecting the marina at which to keep your boat, take note of their safety set up and observe if the site is well maintained with enhanced security in place (CCTV and gated premises are perks of many marinas). Once settled at your chosen base, don’t be afraid to report any aspects that need attention.

Marina safety on the docks

Keep the deck and walkways clear from personal items, as well as being a tripping hazard, these can be vulnerable to theft. Another safety measure to ensure is wearing non-slip footwear to avoid slips or falls on the partially wet docks.

Wear safety equipment

rnli lifejacketsSource: RNLI

All crew and any visitors should be equipped with personal floatation devices (PFDs) to avoid any tragedies on the water. Also referred to as lifejackets, these are particularly important for children so make sure their PFDs are fitted correctly and are worn at all times. Make sure your lifejackets are regularly serviced, the standard is once every two years, however this can be longer or shorter depending on how often you use it.

For a detailed video guide on how to check and service a lifejacket at home, visit our YouTube page.

Reduce fire risks

Reduce fire risks and have a fire extinguisher to hand. Always turn off onboard heaters before leaving your vessel and ensure all electrics are connected and disconnected safely. 

fire extinguisherSource

If using a gas stove on board, ensure that this is properly maintained. Neglect can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Always ensure adequate ventilation and make sure appliances are serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

In case of an emergency, be aware of the closest exit points from your craft, or make a safe departure using your boat if a fire occurs on the dock. Ensure you know where the nearest ladder is located in case you fall in. This is especially important during the night. Equally, practice equal caution when refuelling and notify marina staff of any spills.

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Think eco-friendly!

Be considerate when clearing your vessel by opting for biodegradable cleaning products that are kind to the environment and are safer when using also.

Boat security

mooring ropeSource

An important part of boat security is ensuring your vessel is secured properly when moored at a marina. For tips on mooring a yacht securely, check out our video collaboration with Yachting Monthly.

Another useful gadget that is worth investing in for security are Personal Locator Beacons. Once activated, the beacon will send out an emergency alert to the Coast Guard, prompting a swift rescue response.

Additional safety tips

Don’t be tempted to take a dip - with boats constantly coming and going, swimming at the marina would be very unwise!

Ultimately, no matter how many precautions you take, accidents do still happen. Cover yourself, your boat and belongings from mishaps with insurance cover. This will give you full peace of mind and allow you to rest easy to enjoy the haven of your floating home.

Do you own a luxurious boat? Visit our Marine Insurance for leisure boats page to discover more about our services, or request a callback from our concierge team.

Marine insurance for leisure boats

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