Top 8 Best RIBs for you

No matter where you plan to go, be it alone or in a group, there is a RIB suitable for all occasions. Whether it be an adrenaline-packed watersports day or fishing peacefully on a lake, RIBs are versatile and customisable from extra features, engine size and seating arrangements. How you plan to spend time on your RIB will determine which is best for you...

1. Family fun 

Do you and your family love spending days out on the open water together? A RIB is a perfect way to do that. No matter what you like to do or where you want to go, these vessels are designed to ensure your family is safe and comfortable on board, equipped and ready for a full day of adventure. Not to mention the inflatable collar that is an added protection from any bumps or scratches, a likely scenario when little ones want to help out with docking, for example. 

The best RIBS for family days out will be ones with elevated beam-forward bows along with tapered collars that are fitted into mouldings. Offering enough space for everyone and is ideal for even the most novice drivers. For example, Nautique 6.2 has a great reputation for family-friendly rides that combine a sophisticated style with a safe and well-equipped design.

2. Fast floats 

If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of speeding through the vast waves, then a RIB with a powerful engine will be the one for you. Ideally, these boats support powerful motors as they have been designed to help out in rescue missions and in rough ocean conditions. Offering high-performance abilities that can save time if needed. In particular with inflatable boats with a V-shape bottom, the speed can be accelerated quicker in comparison to others.

3. Solo adventures 

Spending time alone on the open water is a great time to unwind and forget about your worries for the day. The best RIB to do that will be a small and compact one that is fully equipped to keep you safe by yourself on the water. When boating solo, too much equipment can cause complications, having lightweight and compact storage and transport solutions is necessary. Always make sure you let people know your journey plans and that you carry a communication device with you when you're setting out on a solo trip, so that if you were to get lost or find yourself stranded, you can contact people and they will know where to look for you. 

4. Coastal trips

If exploring the coast is your favourite way to spend time on the water, having your own rigid inflatable boat is a fantastic choice opting for one with a low draft provides the perfect opportunity to do so. It helps boaters get close to the shore without having to worry about any damage from shoals or punctures from rocks. 

5. Lake adventure 

Relaxing and watching the water glisten whilst waiting to make the catch of the day is many people's ideal Sunday afternoon. If this is the case for you, then you will need a RIB with a stable platform and one that is easy to anchor when you find that perfect fishing spot.

6. Fun with friends 

Enjoying the outdoors with a group of friends sounds like a great way to pass the time. If this is how you would like to spend your day, then a RIB with a larger capacity would be ideal. As they are lightweight boats, there are many that would be suitable for carrying passengers and supplies for the day. For example, the Ribcraft 810S has a large seating capacity of 20 guests along with more interior space than previous models, so there's plenty of space to enjoy the fun.  

7. Watersports

As these boats are so versatile and come with a wide range of benefits, they have been adapted to suit a variation of activities, such as exploring, diving and watersports. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then the best RIB for you will be fully equipped for a day of adventure. High-quality features like extended swim platforms, engine setbacks and boarding steps are fantastic additions. As well as this, ones with powerful motor engines make towing inflatables and water skiing so much fun.

8. Rough seas 

Out at sea, conditions can be rough, especially when it's windy. If you choose to be out in these conditions, it's best to be prepared. RIBs with strong shock absorption are useful, along with the cushioned siding making for a comfortable ride, even in not-so-comfortable conditions. Also, technology is evolving around hydrofoils which effectively lift the boat up just above the water to create a smoother ride, helping to keep passengers dry. Especially when harsh weather conditions are forecast, ensure you’re taking all of the necessary safety precautions, extreme weather can be very dangerous and in some cases, it may be best to rearrange your adventure!


If an accident should occur, it’s important you have comprehensive insurance in place. GJW Direct offers amazing features with their RIB insurance policy, including a protected no claims bonus, machinery damage cover and road transit cover… to name a few!

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