Yacht Checklist: Keeping Track of Boat Documentation

When it comes to yacht ownership, keeping track of boat documentation is crucial. A yacht is a significant investment, and ensuring that all the paperwork is in order is essential. Keeping a yacht checklist of all necessary documentation can help you stay organised and avoid potential issues.

Why Keep Track of Boat Documentation?

Keeping track of boat documentation is an essential part of owning a yacht. It helps to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is up-to-date, organised, and easily accessible. Here are some reasons why keeping track of boat documentation is crucial:

  • Compliance with regulations: Yachts are subject to various regulations, and owners must comply with them to avoid penalties and legal issues
  • Safety: Proper documentation ensures that the yacht is in good condition and safe to operate. For example, maintenance records can help owners track when they last serviced the yacht, which can help prevent mechanical failures while at sea
  • Resale value: Well-maintained yachts, with complete documentation, have a higher resale value. 

Keeping track of boat documentation is essential for yacht owners to ensure compliance with regulations, to maintain safety, and to increase resale value. 

What Documents to Keep Safe

Regarding yacht documentation, it's essential to keep all the necessary documents together to avoid any potential delays or issues:

  • Boat Registration: This is needed is you want to sail in inland waterways in the UK, such as on larger rivers. It proves ownership and registration of your yacht. Ensure that the registration is up-to-date and valid
  • Insurance Policy: Having a copy on your insurance policy handy can help in any cases of damage or accidents
  • Radio License: If your yacht has a radio, you may need a radio license. However, this is only the case for individual vessels if they have been fitted with a radio using international maritime nobile channels. 
  • Passports and Visas: If you plan to travel internationally, ensure that you have all the necessary passports and visas for the countries you plan to visit.

Keeping all these documents in a safe and secure place is essential. You can keep them in a waterproof document bag or a fireproof safe. Also, you can opt to store them digitally for added convenience and safety.

Digital Options for Managing Boat Documents

All GJW Direct policyholders benefit from free membership to MyBoat, our easy-to-use digital organiser for your boating documents. It is a boat management system designed just for you, with a range of safety equipment reminders you can create yourself, to help you keep all of your documents and everything you need to tick off before you set sail, in a safe and convenient place. 

Using this can help you stay organised and ensure all necessary documents are in order. As well as saving you time and money, it will give you peace of mind knowing everything is secure and on one place.

Remember, every yacht is unique, and your yacht checklist may vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. However, by following the guidelines outlined, you can create a comprehensive list that will help you keep track of all necessary documentation and ensure that your yacht is always ready to sail when you are.

If you’re interested in yacht insurance, contact us and get a quote today. 

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