12 Tips to Protect Your Motor Cruiser From Theft

As with anything of value, you should take the relevant precautions to protect your motor cruiser from theft. Unfortunately, marine enthusiasts have become a prime target for thieves, with the boat and the high-value equipment onboard, in particular, seen as relatively easy to steal, transport and alter – outboard motors, navigation equipment and tools are some of the most commonly stolen items.

Which is why it’s vital you consider all aspects of your boats ecurity and follow these top tips to save you both the heartache and financial loss of marine theft.

  1. 1. Don’t leave anything on display. It goes without saying New call-to-actionthat anything of value should be kept out of sight from windows or doors and it’s always worth installing curtains and blinds as an additional measure. To help deter theft further, get a sticker that says there are no valuables left on board.  

  2. 2. Check what items are loose or detachable on the outside of the vessel. Anything that you can pull loose or detach from the boat is at risk of being stolen, as a thief could do the same. When not in use, always put loose items inside the boat when moored – oars or a dinghy, for example – or take them away completely.


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  1. 3. Identify where entry could be forced. Only you, as the owner of the boat, can identify any potential weak spots that could be taken advantage of. Take the time to fully assess your vessel, as though you were the thief – are there any loose windows without locks, could the door easily be forced open? You can then take the necessary steps to reinforce these weak points.


4. Is where you leave your vessel safe? There are a number of things to consider when choosing where to leave your boat: the mooring could be too concealed and far from any watchful eyes, therefore an easy target, or it could be the opposite and too accessible. Ideally, you should leave your boat somewhere with security measures in place, like regular patrols, which will massively help deter any potential thieves.

  1. 5. Keep a record of all serial numbers for valuables.For any marine equipment or valuables, be sure to keep a record of all their individual serial numbers and store them away from the vessel. Should anything ever be stolen, you’ll be able to provide copies to the police to help trace items back to you. The free digital boat organiser, MyBoat, is an ideal solution for storing this information.

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  1. 6. Engrave ID tags onto all valuables.It’s also worth tagging every piece of equipment to deter theft with your name, home port, phone number and boat ID number. Everything from your radio to your navigation system – get into the habit of marking any new item as soon as you buy it.

  2. 7. Install an alarm system. Though this one can be costly, it’s worth considering fitting an anti-theft alarm if you’re particularly concerned. You will need to make sure the alarm is properly protected from damp to ensure it works correctly, but there are a number of options to choose from now – from more traditional ones that set off a siren if they detect movement to one that can send you images if something triggers them. Every time you leave your boat unattended, you should activate your alarm.

  3. 8. Invest in secure padlocks and bolts. Many insurance policies stipulate that for the policy to be valid, there must be evidence of a fitted lock that has been specifically designed for purpose. If you have a larger boat, it’s suggested you need an additional clamp lock and motor bolt lock.

  4. 9. Always leave your boat engine out of commission when not in use for long periods of time. Whether it’s a case of installing a cut off switch or draining the fuel, if you’re not planning on using your boat for an extended period of time it’s worth taking this extra precaution to prevent anyone from being able to steal it.

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  1. 10. Be vigilant. Help both yourself and other boaters by always keeping vigilant. If you think someone is being suspicious around your local docks, report it to the marine authority. Or if you notice a huge security flaw on a fellow boaters vessel, point it out to them. Theft often occurs more than once in the same area, so it pays to make sure everyone is taking all the necessary security procedures.

  2. 11. Keep your boat keys separate to your engine keys.This way, no one will be able to steal both at the same time, rendering the boat useless. And never leave them on board, even if it’s in a ‘secret’ spot.

  3. 12. Don’t leave any personal information or boat documentation on board. Not only is theft of belongings an issue, but someone may be able to access personal documentation that could cause substantial damage. Never leave any boat ownership documents aboard your boat as this will make it easier to sell on for the criminal or reveal personal identification details. Again, MyBoat is an ideal solution to keep boat documentation in one safe and secure location - digitally.


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