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6 Luxury Locations to Take Your Motor Cruiser

Sep 11, 2020
The UK staycation market has risen exceptionally in recent years, particularly with the recent world...
Boat Shows 2019

Motor Cruiser and Yacht Shows in 2019

Apr 9, 2019
Attending a motor cruiser and yacht show provides one of the best opportunities to compare boat bran...
Motor Cruiser Insurance [Pexels]

How Much Does it Cost to Insure a Motor Cruiser?

Apr 8, 2019
Insuring your motor cruiser is an important precaution. If you’ve spent thousands of pounds on a new...
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12 Tips to Protect Your Motor Cruiser From Theft

Apr 5, 2019
As with anything of value, you should take the relevant precautions to protect your motor cruiser fr...

The Importance of Understanding Marine Forecasts

Apr 3, 2019
Though it’s become something of a quintessentially English tradition, there is still great value to ...
Motor Cruiser Theft [Pexels]

6 of the Most Iconic Classic Motor Boats

Mar 28, 2019
Whilst many boats become outdated and defective after years of service, there are some that stand th...

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How to prepare your boat for new season

How to Prepare Your Boat for the Start of the Season

Mar 27, 2019
After a long winter, it can be all too tempting to simply pull off the covers and launch your boat s...

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Second hand boat

12 Things You Need to Know Before Buying A Second-Hand Boat

Mar 26, 2019
Buying a second hand boat has plenty of advantages over buying brand new – presuming it has been wel...
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Top 5 Tech Gadgets for Smooth Sailing

Jun 6, 2018
    To make life onboard that little bit easier we’ve uncovered some of the coolest gadgets to ensur...
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5 Waterproof Tech Must-Haves

May 18, 2018
For those who love watersports, vacations by the sea, trips to lakes, or just the general outdoors -...