Managing your Motor Cruiser: Keeping Track of Boat Documentation with MyBoat

Do you always struggle to find your motor cruiser documentation when it comes to renewing your policy or making a claim? Has it become a frustrating task that prevents you from spending your much-valued time out on the water? 

If this sounds like you and you’d like to save time on your boating paperwork then you may find MyBoat, our free digital boat management system, is the way to go. 

With MyBoat, you can store all of your boat documentation, including your motor cruiser insurance information, for all of your vessels, in one place. Through this system, you can also set tailored reminders for safety checks, outdated equipment replacement, insurance or policy renewals, and anything else that you don't want to forget about, meaning you can spend less time searching for documents, and more time on the water.

Join over 27,000 members who already take advantage of this fantastic solution to storing all of your boat documentation. Plus, if you’re already insured with GJW Direct, MyBoat gives you instant access to exclusive discounts and offers from a range of recognised marine brands.

“MyBoat has been a great tool for me. I can save all of my boat information in one safe place, and set up reminders for critical maintenance of my boat and kit.”

 Mark Jardine (Yachts & Yachting)

This boat management system is easy to use and you can be set up in just three simple steps:

Step 1

Create a username and password to set up your FREE MyBoat account.

Step 2

Start building your boat profiles and your preferred location. Next, add all of your important boat documentation and set up any reminders you need in place. Once this is done,  you can also check out the latest boating news right from within the app.

Step 3

MyBoat will email you before your reminders are due so you have time to renew your policies or arrange important services. 

It’s as simple as that to be free from the pressure of trying to remember all of your boating dates for policy renewals and reminders. Instead, you can sit back and relax on board your motor yacht, knowing that everything’s in hand.

Take the stress out of any monthly or annual tasks that need doing by joining the MyBoat community today.

Are you a motor yacht owner looking for comprehensive boat insurance for you? Find out more below…

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