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Diagnosing Your Boat: DIY or professional help?

Apr 30, 2021
Whether you’re new to boating or have years of experience, it can still be difficult to know whether...

Boat prep checklist: Preparing your boat to go back out on the water

May 19, 2020
If you’ve had your boat in storage for some time and are itching to get back on the water, it’s a go...
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GJW continues partnership with RNLI to raise aware of lifejacket clinics

Oct 7, 2019
Furthering our association with RNLI will see the company promoting Lifejacket Clinics to GJW Direct...
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Choosing the right equipment for your dinghy

Sep 2, 2019
Making sure you have quality equipment for your dinghy is an essential. You want to make sure you’re...
GJW Blog - Speedboat running costs

How to Keep Your Speedboat Running Costs Low

Jun 27, 2018
Owning a boat brings a fantastic experience, it’s the perfect way to explore the waters on your own ...
GJW Blog - Speedboat accessories

Speedboat Accessory Must-Haves

Jun 27, 2018
There are so many different ways to enjoy a day out on your speedboat, whether that be going wild wi...
Jet Ski  accessories

The Top 10 Jet Ski Accessories

Jun 25, 2018
You’re probably thinking, what else could you possibly need other than the jet ski, keys and a lifej...
Jet ski lifejacket

When Was the Last Time Your Lifejacket Was Checked?

Jun 25, 2018
Did you know your lifejacket can expire? Whilst there are multiple types of lifejackets, many can ex...

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Dinghy Safety Equipment and Regulations You Should Know

Safety Equipment and Regulations Every Dinghy Owner Should Know

Jun 22, 2018
Even if you’ve been sailing for years, there might be some rules and regulations you didn’t know abo...
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The Top 5 Dinghy Accessories You Need in Your Life

Jun 22, 2018
Sometimes, all you need is you, your dinghy and the open water. But at the same time, there are some...