How to Keep Your Speedboat Running Costs Low

Owning a boat brings a fantastic experience, it’s the perfect way to explore the waters on your own terms and spend time with family and friends. It won't be the cheapest of purchases, not only do you have to buy the boat itself, but also safety equipment, insurance and specialised gear. The good news, however, is there are ways to keep speedboat costs low. Read our top tips …

Would you consider sharing?

Do your friends or family love spending time out on the water, just as much as you? Why not share the boat and the costs with them? This may not be what you had in mind, however, it's a great way to reap all the benefits and enjoy time on a boat, just at a lower price. If this is something you would consider, but you don't know anyone who shares the same interests as you, there are many companies that search for you to find like-minded individuals, such as Boat Share Finder.

Sublet your mooring

If you choose to stay away for lengths of time, then subletting your mooring to people close to you could be a wise decision. Another option is asking the marina whether they know of anyone wanting a short term mooring. Some marinas don't allow subletting, so be sure to double-check with them first.

Engine care

Engines are one of the most expensive parts of a boat, so taking care of it is so important to keep running costs low, if it's not looked after properly then you could be left with a hefty bill. One way to do this is by cleaning it regularly and flushing fresh water through inboard and outboard engines after being out on the water to avoid salt clogging it up.

Battery care

Looking after the battery is also crucial and not something you want to be spending your money on if it can be avoided. Top tips for keeping your battery in good condition is to keep them at the right temperature, keep them clean, and also recharge them when you can.

Keep your propeller clean

Propellers are needed for the proper functioning of your speedboat. If a propeller is dirty or damaged, then fuel consumption may be increased by 10%. Simply cleaning or even paying someone else to clean the propeller will help to save on running costs.

Annual maintenance checks

In the same way cars have yearly maintenance checks, your speedboat should too. These checks will make sure your boat is running as it should and will help to prevent anything from going wrong. Annual maintenance checks consist of:

  • Inspecting the hull
  • Checking the oil level
  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Checking the transmission fluid level
  • Do small jobs yourself

Throughout the year, other than just your annual maintenance check, you should regularly check your speedboat for any issues that may arise. Finding a complication in its early stages will be much cheaper to repair compared to something that has been left for a longer period of time. Look for scratches, leaks, and tears and inspect both the interior and exterior.


It may be a hassle and time consuming, however shopping around for your speedboat insurance policy is a great way to find the right level of cover for you. For great insurance quotes, companies such as GJW Direct offer a fully comprehensive policy, that includes machinery damage cover and third-party liability.

Interior care

When on a boat, we spend so much time surrounded by the interior, so this should be comfortable and in a good condition to enhance your journey. Keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance helps to avoid any extra costs in repairs. Clean down the interior with fresh water after every trip if you want your investment to last and avoid mould building up.

Exterior care

Many parts of a boat will deteriorate or become damaged by sunlight, without UV blocking protection. Before polishing with this, make sure the chosen area has been cleaned thoroughly, this will help to enhance its overall look and longevity. In the same way that UV protection works on GRP it is also used on glass to prevent it from breaking down or looking dull. This is much cheaper than having to replace any glasswork if it becomes broken or too dull to see out of. When a boat is docked, leave it under shade or under a boat cover to reduce the risk of paint fading and peeling, this will help to keep your boat in its best condition.

Want to find out how to keep your RIB and speedboat safe? Read our essential Boat Safety Guide to find out more…

Boat Safety Guide for RIB and Speedboats


Image Source: Pixabay

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