How to Keep Your Speedboat Running Costs Low

 Whilst owning a boat is great fun and probably one of the best things you’ve ever done, it’s not the cheapest purchase, especially after you’ve added all the safety equipment, activity accessories and specialised gear. Believe it or not, there are actually ways to keep boating costs down. Follow our top tips to keeping your running costs low...

 Sublet your mooring

If you ever go away for long periods of time, why not think about subletting your mooring to close family or friends? Alternatively, you could ask the marina if they have a list of people who are looking for short term moorings. Be sure to check with your marina first because some forbid subletting, however there’s no harm in checking, especially if it’ll lower your costs.


Consider sharing

New Call-to-actionDo you have any friends or family who share the same love for boating as you do? Why not consider sharing the boat! OK, this might not be the thing you had in mind but it’s a great way to half the cost whilst still having fun on the water! If you like this idea but can’t think of anyone to share with, there are companies available who will help to find partners for you.


Keep your propeller clean

This may be a given to some but a blocked up propeller can increase your fuel consumption by 10%. The small cost of cleaning your propeller or even paying somebody else to will save money on running costs.



Don’t be afraid to shop around before settling on an insurance policy, yes it can be faff but it’s worth it to get the best deal. You’ll kick yourself for picking an expensive quote only to find out someone else could have offered it to you much cheaper. For great insurance quotes, companies such as GJW Direct offer a fully comprehensive policy as well as waterskiers and watertoys liability included.


Use an anchor

It’s understandable to maybe feel a little uneasy about anchoring your boat overnight, but if you can become familiar with it, it could really save you hundreds. Overnight mooring fees are expensive whereas anchoring is usually free and if not, will be significantly cheaper.


Keep up to date with your boating paperwork with MyBoat, an online portal powered by GJW Direct, which will give you an insight into all things boating!


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