The Top 5 Dinghy Accessories You Need in Your Life

Sometimes, all you need is you, your dinghy and the open water. But at the same time, there are some accessories that you can’t do without, or ones that will make your life a whole lot easier.

We’ve picked five of our favourites for you to check out ahead of your next dinghy sailing expedition.



Inflatable, solar-powered light

The Luci Pro Lux Solar Light by Mpowerd is a smart piece of kit that every sailor should have on-board. It’s inflatable and collapsible, making it very lightweight, and will work for 50 hours straight when fully charged. You can also plug in your devices and use the light as an emergency charge pack powered by the sun!


Depth Sounder

If you’re serious about fishing from your dinghy, a decent depth sounder like the Garmin echo™ 551dv uses SONAR technology to help you navigate and also provide a clear view of fish beneath the boat.


A weather tracker

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather, and a top-spec device can help utilise your smartphone so you can know specific conditions whilst out on the water. The WeatherFlow Weathermeter measures wind speed, wind direction, headwind, tailwind and temperature, plus the heat index, wind chill and more. It can wirelessly connect to your smartphone from up to 100ft and instantly send reports.


Waterproof dry bag

There’s nothing worse than having a spare change of clothes or important documents, only to find they’re soggy and sodden when you need them. Waterproof backpack covers don’t tend to keep water out; instead, opt for a specially-designed dry bag, available in a range of sizes and styles to suit all trips. Made from ultra-durable and fully waterproof fabric, the bags will keep anything you put in them completely clean and dry.


Water-resistant notebook

A waterproof notepad like the Snugpak is perfect for taking notes, keeping daily logs, tracking repairs or anything else you want to keep safely recorded. It’s compatible with pen and pencil, allowing you to write legibly even if it’s raining.


To help make sure you’ve got everything you need before setting sail on your next trip, check out our comprehensive dinghy checklist - a free download to keep you organised and prepared. 

Dinghy: Equipment and Safety Checks

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