The Top 10 Jet Ski Accessories

You’re probably thinking, what else could you possibly need other than the jet ski, keys and a lifejacket? Well, you’re right, there’s nothing really crucial, but there’s plenty of accessories available to make your time on the water the best yet! The variety of activities you can enjoy whilst you’re whizzing around the waves is endless, you just need the right accessories.

To make it a little easier, we have shortlisted our favourite top ten jet ski accessories for you to get your hands on...

  1. Waterproof Speaker - Music is often used as an escape for many people, so you might be feeling you’re missing it a bit when you’re out on the water. Well, a waterproof speaker is perfect, it allows you to forget the real world and get lost in the the music as you jet over the waves.

  2. Action Camera - Famously known for capturing all the action when out on your adventures, an action camera ensures all your fun and memories are recorded and stored safely, allowing you to relive every moment again and again.

  3. Solar Charger - It’s not always so easy getting out on your jet ski each week with everyday life getting in the way, and unfortunately, this causes your jet ski’s battery to die quicker. The best way to avoid this is to invest in a solar charger, these will save you should your battery ever die whilst out on the water.

  4. sign up to myboatTow Tube - Those looking for a thrill on their adventure will love this, simply attach the tube to the back of your jet ski and tackle the waves as you are pulled around, it’s great fun for everyone!

  5. Reboarding Ladder - It’s all well and good jumping in the sea and having a swim, but climbing back up onto your jet ski is a little more difficult. A reboarding ladder makes this task much simpler, without a struggle.

  6. Wetsuit or Drysuit - Jet skiing isn’t just for the warm weather, you may find yourself coming across some chilly waters and in that case, being prepared with the right suit is important - just be sure to choose the one best suited to you!

  7. PWC Safety Lanyard - Another very important accessory includes a safety lanyard, it works as a tether, connecting you (the rider) to the PWC, so if you fall off, it kills the power to ensure you aren’t left stranded.

  8. Waterproof Dry Box - Carrying your phone onboard is a good idea because it gives you a form of contact for if anything does happen to go wrong. A waterproof dry box will keep your phone protected from any water damage and will also float if it falls into the water.

  9. Fenders - After spending money on your jet ski, you want to be sure it doesn’t get damaged, especially when docked. Avoid this by placing a fender on both sides, this stop the PWC bashing into anything.

  10. Anchor - Jet skiing gives you the chance to explore new places and by installing an anchor, you can easily stop in a little cove or bay and begin your adventure.


Keeping safe whilst out on the water is imperative, so download our ‘Safety Tips for Jet Ski Owners’ to ensure you’re aware of all the necessary precautions.


Safety Tips for Jet Ski Owner

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