Speedboat Accessory Must-Haves

There are so many different ways to enjoy a day out on your speedboat, whether that be going wild with watersports, packing some delicious treats and enjoying a picnic from the middle of the ocean or just enjoying the breezy ride. Complete your boating experience with the ultimate speedboat accessories.

 Here are a few of our top picks for speedboat accessory must-haves...


Anybody with children will know that fear of being stuck somewhere with nothing to entertain the kids, does this sound like you? If so, why not get your hands on a few towables. They offer endless fun when out on the water, and as a plus, come in many different styles, keeping the excitement lasting even longer!

 Boarding Ladder

Especially if you decide to invest in a towable, a boarding ladder should be next on the list. Boarding ladders make getting back on the speedboat much less of a task and avoids any bruised knees from trying to clamber up the side. A boarding ladder comes in handy regardless of whether you own a towable - if an accident happens and you end up overboard or you decide to go for a swim, getting back on the boat is much easier.

New Call-to-actionAction Camera

Every adventure on your speedboat creates new memories, so why not capture every second with a waterproof action camera? It allows you to relive every moment again and again, plus you don’t need to worry about water damage because most action cameras are able to go up to 60m underwater!


All the excitement and activity of boating can definitely work up an appetite! Take a cooler onboard to ensure all your snacks and drinks are kept cold during your outing. What better setting to enjoy a delicious picnic than sat floating on the water.


Whether you’re out on your boat for the full day or just an hour, it’s enough time for a phone or any other gadgets or documents to get wet - you are in the middle of the ocean, river or lake after all! This small investment could save you hundreds, simply by keeping your things safe from any damage.


For ideas on where to take your speedboat next, download our free guide to the best places to visit in the UK.


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