3 Ways to Keep Warm Whilst Boating in Winter

Preparing yourself for winter aboard is crucial for safe and comfortable sailing. Dressing for colder months and making a few interior changes means you can remain snug as a bug and still enjoy what late-season boating has to offer. So here are 3 ways to keep warm whilst boating in winter… 

Sensible clothing

One of the most efficient ways to keep warm is by layering up. If you layer up properly, you’re able to trap insulating air in between clothing so you don’t feel the chill on your skin. It’s also really quick and easy to shed or add layers as you need it. Wear a thermal inner layer, a breathable mid-layer and waterproof outer layer - all major marine retailers will usually offer triple layers. Hats, gloves, and fleeces with a ‘snood’ are good options for keeping your face, chest and neck warm, too.

Don’t forget sunglasses! Contrary to popular belief, the sun does shine in the winter and it’s a lot lower in the sky, which means you’ll find yourself squinting a lot of the time if you don’t equip yourself.

To keep your feet warm, we’d recommend getting a pair of warm socks about a size and a half larger to encourage more circulation and trap more air in the layers of your socks.


2. Food for warmth

A good supply of food will warm you up nicely in the winter. Things that can be heated up, like hot drinks and snacks, are ideal. Pre-bought bread rolls, soup, Cornish pasties or pies will do well to warm everyone up on board. Be careful with caffeinated drinks as they’re a diuretic, which can be a problem when you’re wearing hundreds of layers! Good alternatives would be hot chocolate or herbal teas.


3. Heating

One of the quickest ways to warm up the cabin is with a portable propane heater. It’s a great way to get 100 square feet of space warm and cosy. All you’ll need is a 1lb propane cylinder and it should last almost 6 hours. There’s no propane smell and should you accidentally kick it over, it’s got an automatic safety shut off feature. Stock up with a few spare propane cylinders and you can stay toasty and dry while at anchor or dock.

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