5 Easy Meals for Onboard Your Motor Cruiser

Cooking aboard your vessel can be a challenge (especially depending on the size of your kitchen area) but there are plenty of ways you can make easy, healthy and tasty dishes without having to resort to store-bought microwave meals. Our five easy meal ideas for while onboard your boat will make sure you can spend more time up on the deck.




1. Pre-cooked courses

One of the best pieces of advice you can learn when out at sea is to pre-cook as much as you can while on land or when the boat is anchored to save time and effort. Even when the sea is calm, it can be near impossible to cook as the stove sways and ingredients constantly try to slide away from you! Premade pasta sauce is a great choice that can be served with fresh bolognese or parmigiana, simply reheat and toss with fresh pasta when you’re hungry.


2. One-pot feasts

Space tends to be very limited aboard your galley kitchen, so one-pot meals are perfect for creating a tasty dish that reduces the washing up, too. There are so many options to keep things interesting and cater for all tastes, from authentic curries and comforting fish stews to a classic chilli con carne or a hearty chicken pie. A top tip is to plan meals in advance and make sure you’ve got all the ingredients ahead of time. It’s not so easy to nip to the shop when you’re miles away from shore!






3. Microwave mug magic

Again, meals in a mug are ideal for making the most of your time aboard your vessel and cutting down on the dishes. Plus kids will love the idea - they’re quick, easy and most importantly, delicious! Whip up a single serving of lasagna, pie, risotto, mac and cheese - the possibilities are endless with a little creativity. Meal in a Mug by Denise Smart is great for getting recipe ideas that will satisfy your hunger pangs in a hurry, with sweet treats like brownies and even Christmas pudding to try… Mugs also help prevent spillage and can be easily put down should all hands be needed on deck.


4. Barbecue banquet

If the weather’s on your side, nothing beats dropping anchor in a secluded cove at the end of a long day and firing up a barbecue as the sun sets. Especially if you catch your own fish, there’s no better way of serving them up. Some cruisers now come with built-in electric grills or propane-gas grills are a more affordable alternative. To get that perfect smoky aroma, charcoal BBQ’s are the way to go, with metal clamp adapters that attach to a guardrail or rod holder to enable safe and easy barbecuing while afloat. If you can, prep your meat and veggies at the dock so all you need to worry about is getting the perfect char.






5. Simple is best

Sometimes, keeping things as simple as possible makes for the best boat meals. Pick up a fresh sourdough loaf when out and about sightseeing during the day, then when you’re back aboard, bake a camembert for a comforting and filling snack. Or crackers and veggies make healthy crudités too! Sailing can be exhausting, so it’s important to keep up your energy as much as possible - keep your cupboard stocked with dried fruit and granola bars for quick snacks.

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