5 of the Best Wetsuits for PWC Use

We love heading out on our jet skis, and having all the correct gear when out and about is a must, including a wetsuit. Wetsuits are great for protecting your skin as well as keeping you warm in those cold waters, making it worth the investment!


There are a number of different types of wetsuits so it’s important you choose the best one suited to you and what you plan on doing in it. Here are 5 of the best styles for jet ski use...

  1. Shorty - This wetsuit is ideal for those heading out in the summertime because it has short arms and legs (hence the name). The arms finish just above the elbow whilst the legs finish just above the knee.

  2. Semi-Dry Wetsuit - Quite the opposite to a shorty, a semi-dry wetsuit is best for cold sign up to myboattemperatures since it’s the thickest wetsuit available. This wetsuit will let in the least amount of water compared to the others and will therefore keep you warmer.

  3. Surfing - Whilst suited to surfers, surfing wetsuits also work well for PWC users because they are more flexible. Riders should remember that these have less padding, but if you don’t mind a bumpier ride - these could be perfect for you.

  4. Skin Wetsuit - For those who don’t mind the cold and are looking for protection purposes only, a skin wetsuit could be the best option. Especially if you’re expected to be in very warm conditions, a skin wetsuit is most likely to be better suited.

  5. Drysuit - Don’t worry, your eyes have read correctly. A drysuit has the aim to do the same job as a wetsuit but instead of relying on trapped water to keep you warm, it is completely waterproof, meaning you can wear warmer clothing underneath.


Keeping safe whilst out on the water is imperative, so download our ‘Safety Tips for Jet Ski Owners’ to ensure you’re aware of all the necessary precautions.


Safety Tips for Jet Ski Owner

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