5 signs you need a new sailing dinghy

Questioning whether your sailing dinghy is still up to scratch? It can be tricky to tell whether your dinghy is just in need of a little TLC or if you need to replace it entirely.

Here are five signs it might be time for a new sailing dinghy.

  1. 1. It needs too much work

Simple repairs aren’t too much hassle, but if your dinghy requires some serious repair work then you might be better off looking for a replacement. If you’re experiencing problems such as rotting wood, serious leaks or a flexing hull then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Don’t be afraid to get the opinion of an experienced sailor, or someone who is often seen fettling their boat, as to whether your boat can be economically repaired.

  1. 2. It’s no longer exciting you

Maybe you bought your dinghy when you were a beginner, and now are looking for something more exciting? When you started out your boat may have felt fast, but you’ve now seen fellow sailors racing past you in a faster design and want a bit of the action. Take a note of which classes are sailed at your local club and, if possible, have a go in one that takes your fancy to check that you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew.

  1. 3. You’re looking for something a little more sedate

As you advance in years, the agility needed for some of the high-performance dinghy classes can become a struggle. Sports injuries can really impact what you can do in a boat. This could be when it’s time to move into a boat that is easier to launch and sail. Don’t think this means your racing days are over, as there is strong competition in many dinghies which are more sedate, just all taking place in boat which requires less physical exertion and gymnastics.

  1. 4. You’ve changed sailing club

Clubs often have ‘preferred classes’. This is where they support racing in a few select designs of boat and encourage you to sail in one of them. Rather than sailing on your own in a mixed fleet, it can be worth trying out one of the classes which are regularly sailed at your new club, and if you like it then purchasing one of these designs.

  1. 5. You’ve moved to or from the coast

Some designs of dinghy are more suited for inland sailing, where there are few waves, and some are more suited for sailing in big seas. If you’ve moved from or to the coast, it’s worth thinking about whether your dinghy is suited for the conditions you’re going to encounter. Not all coastal clubs have sailing in big seas, but it’s worth checking. If you’re a regular traveller with your dinghy or you want to vary your sailing venue then take a look at a dinghy which is equally suited for lakes and the coast.

If you’re considering buying a new dinghy but not sure which to choose, be sure to download our Dinghy Comparison Cheat Sheet!

Dinghy Comparison Cheat Sheet

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