5 things you might be doing wrong on your jet ski

Despite the handling of a jet ski being relatively simple to get to grips with, there can still be a lot to learn early on. And if you’re not learning properly, one bad move can cause both you and your personal watercraft damage. 

To ensure your safety, here are five things you could be doing wrong on your jet ski

1. Leaning too far back

A common mistake riders make is leaning too far back on their jet ski. If you’re not an experienced jet skier and you end up leaning too far back during hard acceleration then you’re more than likely to fall off. Instead, shuffle your feet toward the back of your jet ski and lean forward while accelerating to keep your ski planted to the water.


2. Turning too hard

Spinning or sliding out is when you lose control of your jet ski while turning. Modern crafts are much more controllable but if you have an older model or you’re just not accustomed to your PWC yet, place your feet towards the back of your jet ski, this will help keep the craft low and gives you the anchorage you need to turn safely.


3. Sitting in rough water

One big mistake riders make is choosing to sit while riding in rough, choppy waters. The danger of this is that your lower back and spine can take a hammering from the constant impact of your craft against the water. Standing means your legs can absorb the impact without causing any injury and will help you see better so you can anticipate the worst of the waves.


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4. Putting speed over safety

Many modern jet skis come with adjustable trim features meaning you can choose from a range of riding options. This changes the angle of your craft, which either keeps the nose of your jet ski low or lifts it out of the water. If the nose is high, this optimises your jet ski for high speed riding which presents a potential risk for those that aren’t as experienced. If you’re not totally confident on your jet ski then you should keep the angle low and your speed at a stable level.


5. Not keeping your distance

A lot of jet skiers don’t often keep a safe distance between themselves and other riders or docks and no-wake zones. It’s important to keep a distance from others you’re riding with – the last thing you want is a collision when you both decide to change direction. Not only do you need to be aware of your speed and positioning, but you also need to focus on your surroundings and keep a safe distance between you and other riders or docks.


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