5 Tips for Boating with Pets

For many, spending time on the water is a whole family affair, so of course you want to include your little (or big) four-legged family members. Your sailing adventures will be 100% complete if only your pets could join you… so what’s stopping you?

Maybe the idea of welcoming your much loved furry friend onboard seems a little stressful and too much hassle. But there are plenty of ways to ensure your boat is appropriately kitted out for everyone, both humans and animals alike!

 To make sure your motorboat is completely pet-safe, have a read of these top tips before you set sail...

#1. Invest in a lifejacket for your pet

Not only will he/she look absolutely adorable, but it could save their life! Even if you don’t plan to take them swimming, accidents happen and they may fall overboard - the lifejacket means they’ll be able to stay above the water. Powerful currents often beat even the strongest of swimmers which is why you can never be too careful. Often, pet lifejackets come with a strap that allows you to easily pull them back onboard.

#2. Keep your pets hydrated

Especially in the summertime, it’s possible for your pets to overheat if they don’t have access to shade or water, meaning they could become dehydrated. Make sure you have plenty of water onboard and that your pet has a special spot to cool off. Be sure to look out for specific signs of dehydration such as sunken eyes, a dry mouth and a dry nose.

#3. Be prepared

All problems seem a little smaller when you’re prepared for all potential situations. So before you begin your boating travels, be sure you to create a plan with the rest of your family for if your furry friend somehow goes overboard. Having a plan allows you to take action straight away and will avoid panic time.

#4. Familiarise your pet with their new surroundings

Prior to sailing, visit your boat with your pet. Allowing your little one to become familiar with their new surroundings will contribute to a smooth, first sail. Being somewhere familiar encourages a sense of safety and will keep your pets calm rather than feeling distressed.

#5. Test the waters

If you’re sailing for the first time with your pet, it’s best to keep the trip short. It gives you chance to see how they cope once out on the waves and gives them a chance to become familiar with the feeling without it being too overwhelming. Jumping into a long journey straight away may be too much of a shock for your pet which is when problems may occur.

There is no reason why our little furry friends shouldn’t join us on our travels, just ensure you’ve taken the right precautions and have followed these top tips!

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