5 Tips for Naming Your Motor Cruiser

 One of the joys of getting a new boat is giving it a name, but thinking of the perfect one can be a challenge for some. Ideally, you’ll want a name that has personal meaning while also reflecting your boating lifestyle.

To help you out, we’ve put together 5 tips for naming your boat.

 1. Be original

Use your imagination and be courteous to names already used in your marina area or harbour. There are no rules or laws about having the same name as another boat, but it can be awkward and impractical so try to go for something as unique as possible.


2. Hail inspiration

Good inspirations for your boat name can come from anything and everything. Lots of boats are named after poems or books, which are great inspiration as they often offer something unusual and interesting. ‘Punny’ boat names are probably the most popular, but if you want something more original then it’s probably wise to stay away from puns! The most important thing to remember is that your boat name should reflect something about you, or something that’s important to you.


3. Keep it short

The shorter the better in our eyes. A short name is more convenient - and sensible - in case of any emergencies or if you ever need to call for assistance. So consider a name that’s short and easy to say!


4. Consider loved ones

Many boat owners name their vessels after significant others, children, loved ones or pets. This is always a nice gesture and a popular choice among boat owners. If you’re struggling for a boat name, it can be as easy as looking to the ones closest to you for inspiration.


5. Suitability

Ultimately, your boat’s name is a reflection of you, too. So watch how you portray yourself when naming your boat. If it’s something slightly inappropriate you may draw unwanted attention from authorities like Coast Guards, or simply repel other boaters around you. Just remember, what may seem funny to you, could be deemed offensive by others so take careful consideration!


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