7 Useful Boating & Sailing Apps to Download Now

Thanks to modern technology, we’ve mastered the ability to access any source of information via our phones. But what you might not be aware of is the wave of boating and sailing apps that have been appearing in recent years. With these sailing apps at our disposal, our time on the water has never been as safe, concise or connected as now.

But how do you go about finding the most useful apps amongst the crowd? We’ve got you covered. We’ve done the hard work and narrowed down the best in boating and sailing apps so you’re never more than a touch away from the best knowledge and must-have functionality.

Savvy Navvy

Price: £39.99 - £69.99 (50% off the first year as a GJW Direct customer via your Myboat account) 

Savvy Navvy is a boating app which aims to make navigation simple for all boat owners. Downloading the app will have you spending less time consulting charts and tables and will allow more time for sailing. You can also view local tide data from 8,000 stations around the world. Not only that, but Savvy Navvy has features for route planning, weather forecasts and GPS active tracking.

And best of all, GJW Direct customers can get 50% off their first year's subscription by signing up to MyBoat and unlocking a range of discounts for well known marine brands.

Download Savvy Navvy for Apple or Android now:

Apple                                       Google Play

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Marine Traffic


Marine Traffic is the Google Maps of the sea. Never leave home before you’ve checked their live boating traffic map. Discover all port arrivals and departures for over 4,000 ports and marinas in real-time. Marine Traffic is free to download and has a number of in-app purchases available, including visualisation of global shipping patterns by vessel type from £4.75 per month, billed annually.

Download Marine Traffic for Apple or Android now:

Apple                                       Google Play



FREE (with in-app purchases)

Perfect for all sailors and wave enthusiasts alike, Windfinder is a must-have app for you adventure seekers across the globe. Packed full of features which predict weather forecasts to ensure you never set sail during turbulent weather conditions. Windfinder’s features don’t end there, you’ll also receive a notification for prime wind conditions too. Be notified with the perfect condition directly to your phone today!

Download Windfinder for Apple or Android now:

Apple                                       Google Play


Animated Knots


Don’t get yourself tied in a knot if your nautical knowledge isn’t where it needs to be. The Animated Knots app is an interactive and efficient way to learn how to tie knots of all types and is especially relevant for sailing enthusiasts. From Anchor Hitches to Carrick Bends and just about every knot in between, Animated Knots is a simple, hands-on way to learn and practise your knots for a no hassle day at sea.

Download Animated Knots for Apple or Android now:

Apple                                       Google Play

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Windy: wind and metro forecast

FREE (with in-app purchases)

With this useful sailing app, you’ll never have to second guess the weather again as you’ll be up to speed with all things weather and wave forecasts as well as wind alerts.

Just as convenient for windsurfers and sailors as it is for other recreational water sport lovers, Windy is jam-packed with features including weather history archives, a convenient offline mode for when you’re out of data range, and nautical maps charts.

Download Windy for Apple or Android now:

Apple                                       Google Play


Tides Chart

FREE (with in-app purchases)

You might have guessed already - but Tides Chart does what it says on the tin. This app provides you with in depth data on what to expect from the tides in your local area. Don't get caught out on a dropping tide, look to Tides Chart to help you plan ahead and navigate towards those calmer waves. Not only that, but this app can also provides you with weather forecasts and optimal fishing hours.

Download Tides Chart for Apple or Android now:

Apple                                       Google Play

sailing yacht at sea



FREE (with in-app purchases)

If searching for the perfect berth is a source of stress for you, Navily may just be the boating app you need. With over 11,000 anchorages, 4,200 marinas and 300,000 users journeys and experiences to browse through, Navily is the perfect way to sail without stress. Carry the best of berthing knowledge and real people’s ratings right in the palm of your hand. Let’s not forget its built-in community feature allowing you to reach other boating enthusiasts and over 60,000 real reviews, Navily is the go-to app for smooth, stress-free berthing.

Download Navily for Apple or Android now:

Apple                                       Google Play


These are just seven of our favourite boating and sailing apps, but the truth is there’s a myriad of boating and sailing apps for your every need and whim, let us know your favourites on our social media channels today!

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