A buyer’s guide to jet ski insurance

Haven’t taken out jet ski insurance yet? Our buyer’s guide to jet ski insurance will walk you through all of the different things you need to consider so that you’re fully covered in and out of the water…

What are the features of jet ski insurance?

Here at GJW Direct, we understand what boat owners need from their insurance. With over 195 years of being marine insurance specialists, we’re trusted industry experts, offering on-hand support to all of our customers. The main feature of jet ski insurance is that it covers you in almost every eventuality, so that, should you happen to be involved in any unfortunate circumstances, you won’t have to fork out on getting your, or a third party's PWC fixed or on a new craft altogether.

With your personal watercraft being such a large investment, without the right cover any damage to your vessel, or anyone else’s vessel, will have to come from your own pocket, potentially incurring huge costs. If your jet ski were to be involved in a bad accident and need replacing then not having jet ski insurance would mean you alone would have to cover the cost of purchasing a new jet ski.

Another great benefit is that when you take out jet ski insurance with GJW Direct, you’ll be able to sign up to MyBoat, a free digital boat management system where you can access exclusive discounts and offers on a range of recognised marine brands.

By taking out personal watercraft cover with GJW, you can expect many features as standard. Just a few of the features you can expect can be found below and you can find out more of what we offer from our jet ski insurance policies on our website:

  • 5% discount available for tracker system and 5% for data tags
  • Water skis and water toys liability available
  • Inland coastal waters of EEA countries for up to 30 days per year
  • Savings for summer-only use
  • No excess for claims where a third party is found liable
  • Third-party liability £3,000,000
  • Medical expenses cover
  • 24-hour emergency claims helpline
  • Rapid claims settlement

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What am I covered for?

Jet ski accidents are common, so it’s really important that you get the necessary cover before venturing out onto the water. Your PWC insurance will cover you for a number of things, including:

  • Impacts including stranding or grounding 
  • Fire explosion 
  • Damage which results from a latent defect
  • Negligence
  • Theft
  • Cover for accompanied drivers 14+
  • Cover for experienced drivers 16+

Please see your policy documents for a full list of what you are covered for.

What are the exclusions of my insurance?

As with any insurance policy, there will be some exclusions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recklessness or wilful misconduct on the part of the insured person

  • Wear and tear, lack of maintenance, corrosion of any kind
  • Racing, speed trials or tests, stunt riding, tricks or white water navigation
  • A fault in design or construction
  • Defective workmanship

Please see your policy documents for a full list of exclusions.

Where am I covered?

Each policy will differ from person to person depending on your specific requirements. You are completely covered, provided you are within your cruising area as defined on your certificate of insurance. Most insurers offer UK and European cover but you need to check with your policy provider for the exact details, as jet ski insurance in the UK can vary from jet ski insurance in a different country.

What are my obligations?

As standard, when you take out PWC insurance, you are obliged to ensure your craft is in a good condition and regularly maintained. You’ll also need to provide your policy provider with details of any incidents, accidents and potential claims as soon as they happen. Other obligations include:

  • Keeping all your information up to date and accurate throughout the life of the policy
  • Meeting the security requirements that apply to the policy
  • Informing the insurance provider if you sell the craft
  • Making the required payments
  • Telling the insurance provider if you intend to make any structural alterations to your craft

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