Buying a Speedboat: The Ultimate Guide

The beauty of owning a speedboat is being able to get out on the water and explore whenever, and wherever you want. If you’re considering buying one, you might be struggling to know where to start, it’s a big purchase after all and not a decision to be rushed.

As with any pricey buy, it’s best to do your research, and since you’re reading this - step one is almost complete! But what next? Our guide is designed to give you those all-important top tips and advice.

Let’s break it do you plan to spend your time aboard your speedboat?

Ultimately, this will help you decide what type of speedboat you should go for. For example, are watersports your thing? Will your time on the water be spent action-packed? Or are you planning to use your vessel for a different purpose i.e. fishing? Maybe you simply want to get out and explore? Or use it as a secluded sunbathing spot? Below, we’ve listed a few different types to help you narrow down your search.


Considered as an ideal option for beginners, the bowrider has an open bow area for additional seating, making it perfect for families. As a bit of an ‘all-rounder’, bowriders can be used for cruising, fishing or more action-based watersports, meaning the whole family can enjoy a trip out.

Center console

For those fishing-fanatics, a center console boat gives you plenty of deck space, perfect for setting up your rods and further equipment. Not to mention the fact it’s fitted with a deep-V hull to take on those rough waters.

High performance boat

Designed to be fast, light and strong, the high performance boat is best-suited for those looking to fast-cruise. If you’re looking for a boat to compete with rather than a family outing, this would be the perfect fit.

boat insurance

The next thing to consider is the engine type...inboard vs outboard? 

Inboard engines tend to be used on larger boats in open water, they’re attached to a propeller and rudder at the back which controls the steering and therefore gives you more space onboard. So if you’re looking for more of a cruising boat to entertain family and friends rather than an action-packed wave-rider, it’s worth considering inboard.

Outboard engines are better-suited for smaller boats and those who want plenty of power to endure watersporting. Outboard engines are self-contained motors that are mounted on the back of the hull meaning it’s much easier to access the engine for boat maintenance but equally a target for engine theft. In fact, some of our most common boat insurance claims we’ve received are due to engine theft.

Don’t forget insurance

Whilst not necessarily required, it’s highly recommended. As with any kind of insurance, having peace of mind that you’re covered for loss, injury or damage will make that adventure out on the water much more relaxing. GJW Direct’s Speedboat cover include:

  • Third party liability £5,000,000
  • 24-hour staffed emergency claims helpline
  • Excellent financial security
  • Friendly personal service
  • Rapid claims settlement

Once you’ve purchased your new speedboat and insurance, you can store all of your documentation with MyBoat, the FREE, digital organiser that enables you to manage everything from one place. Not to mention access to exclusive discounts from big brands.


Since 2019, we’ve been collecting your feedback from our boat safety quiz to better understand how well boat owners know their stuff. To make things a little easier we’ve created a helpful visual guide you can always refer back to when it comes to boat safety essentials.

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