Choosing the Best Personal Watercraft Course

Are you new to the boating world and are looking for the best personal watercraft course to get you started? There are a range of courses available to get you ready for the water.

Whether you plan on just riding your jet ski on holiday, seasonally or are buying your own for all year round use. Then launching into a PWC course will be a great place to begin. Many launch sites will require riders to have obtained a qualification before they can get out onto the water, so it's best to get this sorted early. Are you eager to ride the waves and have an adventure? Take a look at some of the best PWC courses available…

PWC proficiency

Jet skis are fun and exciting, one ride can be the start of a world of new adventures. However, they can be dangerous if not used correctly, so taking proper care is essential. The RYA proficiency course is for both experienced and inexperienced drivers and will equip you with the tools needed to successfully operate your craft. This certificate will allow you to launch in harbours in the UK and also abroad. The majority of proficiency courses take a minimum of a day to complete and can be done on your own craft or, on one at a course centre.

Throughout this predominantly practical course, participants will learn a range of skills including:

  • What to do in an emergency
  • Safety
  • Best practice in different weather conditions
  • PWC handling
  • Launching and familiarity
  • Essential navigation
  • Road rules
  • Recovery and aftercare

Upon completion of this course, you will feel confident in yourself and your personal watercraft.

Jet Ski Insurance

Essential navigation and seamanship

This personal watercraft course provides a simple introduction to safety and navigation for newcomers to jet skiing. Lasting around eight to ten hours if done online, or 16 hours in a classroom environment, this RYA course will ensure you have at least a basic understanding. If you choose to complete this course online, there will be several interactive exercises, helping to strengthen your knowledge, along with many opportunities to put your newfound skills to the test.

This course will teach you:

  • Passage planning
  • Weather forecasts
  • Road rules
  • Anchoring
  • Electronic and visual navigation
  • Safety skills
  • Engine checks
  • Buoyage
  • Publications and charts
  • Pilotage
  • Tidal awareness

First aid

Whether you go out on the water regularly, or only on certain occasions. A first aid certification is a fantastic qualification to have. You could potentially save someone's life, through learning some simple methods and techniques. This course lasts one day and is based in a classroom at several different centres. During the class, you will learn:

  • CPR
  • The recovery position
  • Helicopter rescue
  • Medical assistance
  • Hyperthermia from immersion
  • Cold shock
  • Dehydration and seasickness

For each course, you will receive a certification. Keep all your boating documents safe in GJW Direct’s digital boating organiser, MyBoat, sign up today. MyBoat is a free management system, where you can set equipment and safety reminders, tailored to your requirements.

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When you complete an RYA PWC course, GJW Direct offers a discount on their PWC boat insurance. Offering a range of boating insurance features, including theft cover, medical expenses and 0% finance (on policies over £100).

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