Clothing Essentials for Onboard Your RIB

Heading out on your boat for the day? You want to make sure you’re fully kitted out and prepared for every eventuality so that you can make the most of your time on the water. These essential clothing items will keep you comfortable and well-prepared on your trip!


  1. Waterproof Spray Top


Staying warm onboard you RIB is crucial - and believe it or not, as soon as you get cold, your mood and sailing ability drops rapidly. A waterproof and windproof sailing cagoule or spray top is perfect for wearing on top of your wetsuit on cold, wet, windy days or just on top of your regular t-shirt to keep the wind out.


  1. Sailing Gloves


It’s very useful having a pair of sailing gloves to hand. Gloves ensure that even when your hands are cold and wet you still have a firm grip of the wheel and all of the boat’s equipment. Gloves are essential for preventing friction burn on your hands as well as keeping them warm and protected.


  1. Sailing boots


Sailing boots aren’t essential all year round but are extremely useful in wet weather conditions. If it’s a warm week in summer then a cheap pair of neoprene shoes will do. If it’s winter, sailing boots are preferable. Made with grippy soles to stop you slipping on the deck or pontoon, and more durable than neoprene boots, they’re an essential item for boating in colder seasons.


  1. Cap


If it’s a sunny day onboard, you’ll want to protect your head and scalp with a cap. The last thing you want is to come down with sunstroke after a long day boating under the rays. So make sure you’re protecting yourself with the right gear. Likewise, if it’s raining you’ll want to invest in a fast dry cap to protect yourself from wind and rain.


  1. Polaroid sunglasses


Polaroid sunglasses significantly reduce the amount of glare coming into your eyes from reflected light and this allows your iris to stay wider open - improving your sight. When looking for sunglasses stick with a reputable brand of Polaroid Sunglasses and remember that you get what you pay for. Make sure that they also offer UV protection for your eyes!




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