Dinghy Insurance: Key Features

There is nothing like spending time on your boat in the great outdoors, the sense of freedom it gives, whether that be on wider seas or beautiful inland lake. Do you enjoy recreationally sailing on your boat or using your dinghy to compete in races? Whichever it may be, having dinghy insurance will help give you peace of mind on and off the water, as well as potentially save costs in the long run.


Should you get dinghy insurance? 

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have dinghy insurance many places where you'll want to use your dinghy will insist on it. So, it is a good idea for boat owners to have some form of insurance in place, to help protect themselves, the boat and others around them. In particular, where dinghy racing is involved, many clubs and other launch sites will also have their own rules and regulations, which often include requiring boat insurance to be able to race. You should always check ahead of time if you need insurance or not, to avoid any mishaps and in order to find the best coverage for your own personal requirements. 

Not only is having insurance a necessity in some locations, it also helps to give peace of mind when boaters are on and off the water. Is it generally seen as good practice to purchase an insurance policy.

Key Features of a GJW Direct policy

GJW Direct provides boat insurance cover for dinghies in UK waters. Whether this is the first time you are purchasing boat insurance, perhaps for a race or to visit somewhere new, or you are looking for a new provider to switch to, our policy is here for you. We are an experienced team of friendly professionals, with more than 195 years of experience in marine insurance. GJW Direct’s policy offers a range of features. The main features of the cover can include*…

  • Legal protection cover: our policy covers legal expenses up to £25,000.
  • £5 million third party liability cover
  • Trailer and transit cover: if requested, we can cover both your trailer and dinghy for road transit.
  • Medical expenses cover: provides medical expenses cover for both you and the crew if a personal injury occurs.
  • Automatic refund of entry fees and racing cover
  • Personal belongings cover
  • New for old on all items if there is a claim and the item cannot be economically repaired
  • Personal accident cover
  • Full racing risk cover
  • No age limit on dinghy or user
  • No excess on third party claims
  • 30 days European cover
  • Simple online rapid claims settlement

*Make sure you always check your own individual policy to see what you’re covered for.

On top of the GJW Direct dinghy insurance cover, we can offer a range of features, including MyBoat. This is a simple and easy to use digital boating organiser, here you can store all of your important documents all in one handy location. As well as that, the boat management system can be tailored to suit each user and set safety equipment reminders. MyBoat also gives you access to a range of discounts and offers from some of the most recognised marine brands. After purchasing an insurance policy with GJW Direct and signing up to MyBoat, you will be able to unlock discounts from the likes of August Race, Pirates Cave Chandlery, Yachts & Yachting and many more. 

Discover more information about GJW Direct's dinghy policy here.


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