How To Get More Out of Your Chartplotter

Chartplotters aren’t just for seaside navigation anymore, newer models have integrated features that can offer you more processing power than ever before.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or purchasing your first-ever marine navigation software, we’ve put together this guide on how you can make the most out of your chartplotter settings!

Setting up your chartplotter

We’ve partnered with the experts at Motor Boats & Yachting to bring you this video guide on setting up your chartplotter. John Mendez covers the options for your baseline settings, discusses potential limitations with zoom features and the benefits to each system option.

It’s good practice to keep a print form chart onboard as older models might not have the up to date information you need. There’s also the possibility of technology breaking down, so having a handheld chart is essential for ensuring you’re completely covered.

Advantages of chartplotters

Many modern chartplotters now have the ability to give you more information than you may think. For example, you can now find nearby marinas along your plotted route and your chartplotter will tell you the services that each marina provides, including whether it has an on-site restaurant in case you want to stop off for lunch.

This is particularly helpful for emergency situations such as refuelling your vessel or accessing on-site technicians to aid with urgent repairs.

Tide and currents data is usually built into every chartplotter these days, however, there are external apps on your phone you can pair with your chartplotter to integrate more features and up to date information.

Utilising savvy navvy app for navigation excellence

Are you currently using an established software suite on your plotter? Did you know that the savvy navvy app can be used in conjunction with your chartplotter? Supercharge your navigation by exporting your route data and let your chartplotter guide the way, alerting you to tidal data from over 8,000 stations globally.

Other features include GPS active tracking, a detailed wind direction map, marine weather forecasts, plot, move and delete waypoints, as well as utilising Marina and Anchorage information. There are so many benefits to a savvy navvy subscription and all of that is completely compatible with your chartplotter for ease of use!

The future of chartplotters

As with all modern technology, continuous upgrades are being released year after year and the chartplotter is no exception. Long gone are the days of simple map navigation, the chartplotter is becoming increasingly smarter and companies such as Raymarine and Garmin have recently launched their newest models with a whole host of new and exciting features for the experienced navigator.

Chartplotters are now capable of fusing inputs from multiple source devices such as radar, transducer sonar signals for fish finding and depth measurements, processing camera video, switching relays and monitoring systems all around the boat. All of this data can also be shown on multiple connected screens if desired, depending on the model chosen.

Are you looking to save on running costs by performing boat maintenance yourself? Or are you looking for some tips and tricks? Discover our guide to Preparing Your Yacht For The Sailing Season here...

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