How to Search for a Boat's History

Buying a boat signifies the beginning of new adventures, new memories and lots of laughter! Whether you choose to voyage with friends or family, you know good times are on the horizon.

When it comes to purchasing a boat, whether it’s your first or a replacement, you may opt for a used boat over a brand new one and we don’t blame you! Besides the obvious factor of cost, there are also lots of other perks to choosing a used boat. 

One of the best is that you’re able to have it instantly, whereas there could be a wait on a new boat - it may even have to be built before you get your hands on it!

Things To Remember When Buying Used Boats

  • Remember, you can take it for a spin! This is another advantage to opting for a used boat over a new, because you can test drive the real thing rather than a model which is similar. Make sure you’re able to give it a go out on the water, a boat is an investment so you want to be sure you’re fully happy with it before you commit to purchase.
  • Have a written contract. In any sort of business deal, it is advised to have a contract written up, laying down all the common terms and conditions which relate to the sale and purchase of the boat.
  • It’s highly advised that you hire a marine surveyor to assess the boat’s condition. You will have to organise and pay for this yourself, but an expert will spot any pre-existing damage that may have been previously missed and this can then be recorded in your contract.
  • Every used boat has a history and it’s important you know about it. Ask your seller for the full history report which will include any documents that have been accumulated over time.


Why Do You Need To Know The Historysign up to myboat

Knowing the history of any vehicle is important, as a full history check allows you to find out more in-depth information, including whether it’s worth the amount of money that you are about to pay for it.

You’ll also discover where and when the boat’s last services were, which will give you an idea of how well it has been looked after. Testing the oil, if it’s not been used for a while you’ll get to see when was the engine last checked. Or the wiring, this lets you know when they next need changing etc.

If parts are due to be replaced or tested soon, you may choose not to purchase the boat and instead, opt for one which has been recently serviced. This ensures the boat isn’t in need of any extra work anytime soon, meaning you get to save some money!


How Can You Keep Track Of Your Boat’s History?

Throughout your time owning a boat, be sure to collect all the documents which you are given and keep them together in a safe place. Online portals such as MyBoat allow you to upload any documents and then organises them. This is then kept together, making it easier for you to locate them if need be. Especially if you choose to one day sell your boat, the buyer can have faith in you, as the seller, that you have all the up to date documents which you can pass on.


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