How to Store Your Speedboat in Winter

Unfortunately, that time of year comes around all too quickly and it’s time to put your boat into storage for the winter. Ensuring this is done correctly with all the necessary precautions is essential to keeping your speedboat in top condition.

 You want to be able to store your boat for winter, knowing you can come back to it in the springtime all ready to go…

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We advise you to completely remove the battery and recharge it. During this time you should also clean all of the battery terminals and apply a coat of grease. Finish by storing the battery in a warm dry place and return it to the boat in spring.



Exterior to interior, scrub the whole of your boat (including every nook and cranny). Once completely dry, make any necessary repairs and apply a coat of wax, finish by polishing evenly.


Prepare the engine

Before storing your boat away for winter, you should make a number of checks to the engine to fully prepare. Start by draining the engine and all lines of water, follow by flushing the engine block with a marine antifreeze - this avoids the engine block from cracking in the freezing temperatures. Check the engine and driving oil, as well as any other fluids for remaining water which may expand over the winter period.


Boat Cover

Whilst you want the interior of your speedboat to be protected, the exterior can be easily damaged by exposure to the sun and airborne debris. The risk of these factors can be quite costly, so the best way to avoid this is to invest in a good quality cover. We also advise you to check on your boat occasionally throughout the winter to ensure if any damage has occurred, you can try and find a solution before it’s time to get back on the water next season.


For inspiration on your next trip out when the springtime rolls around, download our guide to the best places to use your speedboat in the UK.


The best places to take your speedboat in the uk

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