Jet ski FAQs

Considering buying a jet ski? Or already own one and want to know more? Here’s a couple of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about your personal watercraft…


Who can ride a jet ski?

Technically, anyone can ride a jet ski. There aren't any legal restrictions in the UK and you don't need to hold a licence to either ride or own a PWC. It's always a good idea to check with your jet ski insurance provider that there aren't any specific requirements relating to their policy or cover restrictions.  


Do I need to complete a jet ski training course?

Currently, there isn’t a separate course you need to take to obtain a jet ski license as it’s already included in your boating license. But for those who have little experience with jet skis, it’s advised you take a boat safety training course. This will teach you everything you need to know about operating your jet ski, along with all the safety rules and regulations. If you’re more experienced, it might not be totally necessary.


You can take the RYA Personal Watercraft proficiency training course, just call RYA Training on 02380 627400 and they’ll be able to provide you with all the relevant information.


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Are there any weight restrictions?

Each jet ski will have their own weight limit – usually it’s around 400lbs but it’s always wise to double check your jet ski’s manual.


What safety equipment do I need?

When riding any jet ski, it’s a requirement to wear an approved life jacket that has a whistle attached to it in case of emergencies. Although it’s not mandatory, it’s also suggested that you wear a helmet and goggles to avoid injury. Deck shoes will also help you gain much better control of your machine, but again, these are not a legal requirement.


Where can I ride?

You’re allowed to ride anywhere in the UK where there are navigable waters. If you want to take your jet ski abroad, all you need to do is contact your insurers to work out whether your cover can be extended. GJW Direct’s PWC/Jet Ski insurance covers European Continental waters up to 30 days in total in any Period of Insurance.


Do I need insurance?

Yes, you’ll need to make sure you have jet ski insurance before you take it out on the water. For more information on jet ski and personal watercraft insurance, click here.


What documentation do I need to own a jet ski?

You should keep all of the following documentation relating to your personal watercraft safely stored at all times: boating license, personal watercraft insurance, ownership documentation and any boating or safety certifications. Our digital organiser, MyBoat, can help you store these online.


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