PWC Maintenance Guide

Owning a PWC comes with responsibility, especially when dealing with the maintenance side of things, but it’s all worth it once you hit the waves. Keeping up with all the boring work makes the exciting adventures last even longer and ensures a smooth sail.

Managing the upkeep of your PWC doesn’t have to be such a chore; we want to help you keep it easy and simple so you can get back to enjoying your time on the water.


Once that time of year comes around and you stop using your PWC, it’s important that you ensure it is stored away safely and securely. This will help avoid the weather and it’s ever changing temperatures from causing any damage, especially if it’s freezing - this can lead to problems with the engine! Don’t forget to also keep your PWC secure with all the necessary locks and alarms... Going out on a jet ski adventure will be difficult without the jet ski!

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As one of the main components in keeping your PWC running, it’s important you make regular checks and take the correct precautions when maintaining it. Our top tip is to flush the engine with fresh water after every use, as this helps to get rid of any dirt and debris. Washing away salt water also avoids any corrosion to the cooling system, keeping it effective for future use.


Constantly being in and out of water, your PWC will acquire a build up of dirt so having an effective cleaning routine is crucial. Our first tip is to give your PWC a hose down after every use, this will avoid any long lasting damage. Remember, once you’ve wiped the water off, don’t leave it to air dry - this will cause water streaks and spots. Other areas to focus on include the footwells since these carry most of the dirt. Next, use marine soap to keep the paint looking shiny, but always apply with microfiber rags and avoid hard brushes. Last but not least, apply wax to protect the paint. Remember to check your jet ski is clean first to avoid any dirt becoming trapped under the wax layer.


This may seem surprising but keeping your battery clean will actually make it last longer because it stops sulfate crystals from forming on it’s plates. Keep your battery clean by wiping it with a mix of baking soda and water, continue by rinsing with water and then dry. Finish with a waterproof grease for protection.

Keeping safe whilst out on the water is imperative, so download our ‘Safety Tips for Jet Ski Owners’ to ensure you’re aware of all the necessary precautions.


Safety Tips for Jet Ski Owner

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