Speedboat for Sale: How to Choose the Right one for you

Are you planning on buying a speedboat, but are not sure where to start choosing the right one for you? This is a significant investment and often a tough decision to make. However, with thorough research, you'll be sure to find the perfect vessel. Don't forget to consider the budget, whether you want a new or used one, its size, usage and specific features you would like included on your speedboat. 


Determining your budget is an important aspect of being able to successfully choose the right speedboat for you. This will save you time searching for boats that may be too high in price or even allowing you to buy one with more features. They range from used basic models at around £5000 to more high specification, newer models at around £400,000, so determining your price bracket early on in the process is a wise idea to narrow down your choices. 

Before buying a speedboat, it's also important to be aware of any ongoing and additional costs including:

  • Operating/fuel costs 
  • Insurance - GJW Direct offers comprehensive speedboat insurance, covering your boat for road transit and machinery damage. We also cover your speedboat (up to 30 feet in length) and your trailer (if requested) for transit by road within the cruising area specified on your Speedboat Insurance Certificate. 
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Registration fees
  • Equipment - including purchasing a trailer if you're planning on towing your boat
  • Storage 

New or used? 

Whether you purchase a new or used speedboat may also depend on your budget, in most cases a used boat will be less expensive. There are pros and cons to each option. 

Benefits of a new boat:

  • Get exactly what you want 
  • Latest technologies
  • Warranty cover for any issues 

Benefits of a used boat:

  • Getting more for your money
  • More resources to research into the chosen model, along with reviews
  • Should have information on the history and condition of the vessel 

Consider sizing 

A larger vessel is more likely to have extra facilities and features, however, this will cost more to purchase, store and run. If you have not purchased a speedboat before, test drive a few boats of different sizes to see which feels the most comfortable to operate. The number of people you plan on having on board, along with the seating arrangement will also influence the size of your boat. 

Speedboat usage 

What will you be using your speedboat for? Recreational use? Racing? Cruising? When searching for your perfect boat, you may already know what you plan on using it for, if not have a think about it, as this will help you determine which one to choose. Recreational boats often have a larger and more spacious seating area to host guests for a more comfortable ride. Whereas, speedboats with a V hull are great for freshwater fishing. 

Specific features 

Whether you are looking for a luxury ride or something simply to get you from A to B, many onboard features can enhance the boating experience. However, keep in mind that potentially the more features added, the more expensive the boat will be. If you plan on having guests or would like to rest on board, then a cabin could be a very handy addition. For more luxurious speed boats, features such as a built-in navigation system and touch-screen dashboard make a fantastic investment. 

Doing plenty of research, weighing up the pros and cons and deciding on what is a necessity for your boat, will help you narrow down your options and choose the right speedboat for you. 

Head out on the water rest assured you’ve taken all the necessary precautions with our essential boat safety guide, download now.

Boat Safety Guide for RIB and Speedboat


Image source: Unsplash

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