The Best Places to Lunch in Brighton

Whether you’re passing through for a whistle-stop tour or going for a leisurely long weekend, there are plenty of culinary treats to try in this hip seaside town. Quirky tea rooms, sumptuous bakeries, fresh and locally-sourced seafood and American-inspired brunch bars - there’s few whom Brighton can’t cater for. Here are a few of our favourite lunch spots!

1. Compass Point Eatery 

Rated the number one place to eat in Brighton on TripAdvisor, the Compass Point Eatery’s menu comprises mainly of tantalising, sweet brunch items, including American-style pancakes, sarnies and wraps, milkshakes, coffee and tea, and a selection of fresh fruit smoothies.


2. Food for Friends

Boasting a Certificate of Excellence, Food for Friends is Brighton’s original vegetarian restaurant est. 1981. To start, graze on crispy tofu, artisan bread and chickpea quartet, followed by a diverse sharing platter made up of halloumi bites, sweet potato and pomegranate salad and courgette kofta with coconut tzatziki. Other popular dishes include their portobello mushrooms and coconut curry. Definitely a must-visit if you’re after a healthy, hearty and satisfying meal.


3. Thewitchez Photo Design Cafe Bar

Bringing a slither of Eastern Europe to the UK’s coastline, Thewitchez Photo Design Cafe Bar serves up an eclectic mix of local German, Polish, Czech and Swiss dishes. Thewitchez is actually a web and graphic design company who decided to ditch the concept of a traditional office and set up shop in a cafe instead! All dishes are homemade, freshly cooked and served in a cosy, informal atmosphere. So if you’re ready to experience something a little extraordinary, these guys are your go-to.


4. Riddle and Finns Champagne & Oyster Bar 

Riddle and Finns Champagne & Oyster Bar have opened two restaurants in Brighton, one placed on the seafront and the original located in the bustling centre. Inspired by high-end liquor shops and oyster bars in both New York City and Paris, Riddle and Finns offer an impressive culinary experience, serving only the finest quality local seafood, including crab, oysters and razor clams. Definitely one to head to whilst you’re visiting this charming coastal town.


5. Very Italian Pizza 

A family-run business spanning five generations, Very Italian Pizza offers authentic, neapolitan pizza cooked in a traditional wood burning oven. If you’re a fan of incredible-tasting pizza, then you’re sure to enjoy a trip to Very Italian Pizza. All ingredients are of the highest quality and come all the way from a family farm in Naples, from the fior di latte mozarella to the San Marzano peeled tomatoes. The restaurant is also acclaimed for its tasty antipasti, pasta dishes, tiramisu and nutella pizza, so be sure to have an empty stomach prior to your visit!


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