The Top 6 Luxury Yachts in the World

Have you ever dreamt of sailing around the world on your own private yacht? It’s no secret the yacht lifestyle is widely considered to be one of the most luxurious ways to travel by boat, with many of the wealthiest people in the world having purchased and custom-built their own vessel.

If you’re curious, we’ve picked out six of the most exuberant boats in the world, to give you a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of their owners...


Motor Yacht A

Spanning across 400 feet in length and an interior of 24,000 square feet, Motor Yacht A is the epitome of luxury with its unique shape and incredible square footage.

Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko and worth up to $323 million, this superyacht interior provides enough space to accommodate up to 14 guests and 42 crew members, with the master bedroom alone at 2,500 square feet.

Motor Yacht A’s impressive features include a helicopter hangar located above the deck, access to three swimming pools for ultimate relaxation and a 30 feet speedboat.



Built at the German Lurssen Shipyard, Dilbar yacht owner Alisher Usmanov frequently uses this superyacht for cruising around many of his own private islands. Similar to Motor Yacht A, this luxury boat advertises its two helipads and a selection of swimming pools, one of which is considered to be the largest superyacht pool in existence.


History Supreme

Made from solid gold, History Supreme is currently the world’s most expensive yacht, and happens to be the smallest of our top picks. 100 feet in length, this vessel was constructed by UK designer Stuart Hughes who took three years to complete the project.

Whilst most of this vessel was made from 24 carat gold, the sleeping areas are encased in platinum and weigh an extraordinary 100,000kg.

Stuart took the opportunity to present this luxury boat with a myriad of smaller features to accessorise with exceptional style and finesse. Some of the features to discover are a liquor bottle holding one of the world’s rarest diamonds at 18.5 carats, as well as an iPhone wrapped in 500 cut diamonds.

And the luxury doesn’t stop there. Inside, the bedroom displays a wall feature constructed from meteorite rock and which holds genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bones priced at £68,000 alone.

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Said to be the largest yacht to have ever been launched into Italian waters, Serene was purchased in 2015 by the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Having originated in 2011, billionaire Mohammed bin Salman was the first to own the vessel.

Serene took the world by storm, even being leased to notable businessman Bill Gates for 5 million dollars a week. Combining state-of-the-art features and technologies, Serene is the epitome of luxury and can sleep around 24 guests, along with 52 crew members.

Aboard this vessel, you’d find two helipads, built-in swimming pools, including seawater, jet stream and spa pools and a spectacular underwater viewing room where you can spot marine life nearby.



Originally named Topaz, this superyacht was built by a German shipyard Lürssen in 2012 and was named the 5th largest yacht in the world at the time. It was eventually resold years later and renamed A+.

Featuring a total of eight decks, this yacht isn’t short of viewing pleasures and comprises its very own helipad, cinema, gym and a large jacuzzi for the ultimate luxury experience. A+ is set to accommodate 62 guests and 79 crew members and has a unique colourful interior design with underwater lights.

Streets of Monaco


Imagine seeing a miniature city floating past the shores?

Perhaps one of the boldest yacht designs to date, the Streets of Monaco is a concept drawn up by a UK yacht designer many years ago. Whilst it hasn’t officially been built yet, it has been widely publicised as one of the most ambitious and unique projects across the globe. This floating city recreates real life structures from Monaco including the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, as well as the Grand Prix course which acts as a go-kart track.

This superyacht measures 500ft in length and is set to accommodate 16 guests and a total of 70 staff members. Other extravagant features of this design include a Jacuzzi bar, helipad, tennis and basketball courts, as well as a dance hall and a submarine!

Valued at around $1.1 billion, the Streets of Monaco’s grand design still doesn’t beat History Supreme’s huge 4.5 billion value despite its larger and more extravagant design.

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