Tips on getting your PWC out of the water

You've had a spectacular day, enjoying the adrenaline-fuelled rush of riding your PWC on the water. Now, it's time to head home and rest up, ready for the next day full of adventure. However, there is one important thing left to do and that's to pull your jet ski in. Do you know the best way for getting a boat out of the water?

Getting your boat to land

After riding your craft all day, you will need to put it somewhere safe when it is not in use. Whether you store it in a garage, storage unit or marina, you will firstly need to efficiently pull the boat out of water. Before removing your PWC from the water, you will need to consider the best option in doing so, the model you have and the environment may influence this decision. 

Beaching your jet ski 

Is beaching the best option for you? Knowing the patterns of the tide is crucial for this decision, you will need to know when it is, in, out, high and low. 

Other important factors to think about are the weather conditions - could wind cause waves and hamper your beaching plans? Also,  the type of sand you will be pulling your boat out of the water on to should be soft and not full of rocks or broken shells, to avoid it getting damaged. In the unfortunate event that your PWC does become damaged, it’s best to have boat insurance in place. GJW Direct’s PWC insurance includes some amazing features, including 0% finance (on policies over £100), find out more here.

Before leaving the water, make sure your view of the beach is unobstructed and there is a large enough space for you to park. Stop the engine when you are in the water, about three feet deep, check there is nothing that can be harmed around you, get off the jet ski and pull it onto the sand. 

Jet Ski Insurance

Using a trailer 

Using a trailer is by far the best option to get your PWC out of the water:

  • Firstly, ensure your trailer is properly secured to your vehicle, before moving down the ramp 
  • Move the car down the ramp, how far will depend on trailer length, steepness of ramp and level of water
  • Once your parking brake is on, begin to move your personal watercraft onto the ramp, how you do this may be influenced by your experience. More experienced drivers could drive their jet ski directly onto the trailer, for less experienced drivers, it's probably best to pull it on using a rope 
  • Attach the safety chain and winch strap in the right position 
  • When it is secure, slowly pull the jet ski out of the water and move to a parking space

How to avoid scratches 

When retrieving your craft, incidents can happen, however, there are ways that this can be avoided. 

  • Don't be afraid to ask for assistance  
  • Adjust the trailer to suit the jet ski
  • Submerge the trailer into the water
  • Keep equipment clean 
  • Consider rollers 

Flushing the system 

Once your jet ski is out of the water, you should flush the system as part of the after-ride care. This should be completed whenever it has been ridden in saltwater or even freshwater that is sandy or silty. Doing so will ensure debris and saltwater is removed from the exhaust and cooling system, to help lower the risk of corrosion and to keep passages clear. In turn, your PWC’s reliability will increase and you can keep enjoying yourself on the water. 

Always check the manual before doing this for the first time, as some personal watercraft can vary. To flush the system, you should: 

  • Ensure your boat is horizontal to the ground
  • Find the flush port
  • Attach a hose
  • Turn on the engine
  • Flow the water through 
  • Stop the water and the engine 
  • Remove the hose 


Header Image Source: Unsplash

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