Top 5 Celebrity Yachts

Celebrities can often be an enigma when not on screen, but one thing some celebrities haven’t been shy about is their extravagant lifestyle aboard their luxury sailing yachts. Key names from Hollywood, sport and entrepreneurism have been photographed aboard their leisure boats in recent years.

If you’re looking for design inspiration, price comparison or simply curious which celebrities have customised their own private yachts, we’ve listed our top 5 favourites...

Tiger Woods - Privacy

Famous for winning 15 major golf championships since turning professional in 1996, Tiger Woods has become a world-wide sensation with a net worth of $800 million. Something you may not know about this famous golfer is he can often be found travelling to various golfing tournaments via his luxury yacht, Privacy, priced at $20 million. 

Docking at various marinas, he uses it as a home during many of these tournaments and it's not hard to see why Woods prefers residing in his luxury cruiser instead of a hotel. With a large deck bar, a cinema, a decompression chamber for scuba diving, jacuzzi and a gym at his disposal, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else either!

Steven Spielberg - Seven Seas


Best known for his work on film classics such as Saving Private Ryan, Jaws and Schindler’s List, we know Steven Spielberg as one of the greatest film directors of all time. But, did you know Spielberg is also the owner of a $200 million superyacht named The Seven Seas?

Spotted aboard his private yacht on multiple occasions, Spielberg has reportedly travelled via yacht to explore past filming locations he first visited for some of his most notable creations.

seven seas yacht loungeSource

Designed by the esteemed firm of Nuvolari & Lenard, the interior brings with it a quality and sophistication that’s hard to replicate! Adorned with a 150-foot glass wall which doubles as a movie screen, it makes for the perfect place to settle down and watch classics like Jurassic Park.

Rafael Nadal - Great White

Interestingly, celebrity tennis player Rafael Nadal has been a longtime lover of yachts and intends to use his new vessel to sail around the coastline of his home in Mallorca.

This yacht owner had the boat customised by the world’s leading designer Sunreef Yachts for his 34th birthday. A full stock of images were released in June 2020 showcasing the level of detail and care taken during its creation. Nadal had a hand in design elements, incorporating his favourite colours, cream, coffee and beige into the colour scheme.

One of its biggest features is the expansive flybridge equipped with a bar, barbecue and lounge area for ultimate luxuriousness.

General MyBoat CTA

Roman Abramovich - Eclipse

Best known as the owner of Chelsea, a premier league football club, this Russian billionaire first acquired the team back in June 2003, undertaking an ambitious strategy which led to 13 major trophies. Abramovich’s ambitiousness doesn’t stop there, this drive for excellence can also be seen in the design of his private yacht which measures 533 ft and has been priced at $500 million.

Alan Sugar - Lady A

First launched in 1986 by Nishii Zosen-Sterling, this superyacht was bought by famous tycoon Lord Alan Sugar who remained the vessel after his wife Ann, thus becoming known as Lady A.

Since acquiring this $14 million yacht, Sugar has redesigned elements to better suit his needs. A Jacuzzi and two private lounges were just some of the added features.

With a customised sundeck, complete with its own bar and seating area, no expense has been spared to provide its owner with the perfect place to relax and enjoy those spectacular views.


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Header Image Source - Pixabay

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