Top 9 Yachts Featured in Your Favourite Classic Movies

Ever been intrigued to know more about the yachts featured in your favourite movies? Well we have the insider knowledge on the most enviable boats from the best classic films.

Motor Yacht Casino Royale - Casino Royale

James Bond is the epitome of cool sophistication, so this Motor Yacht is a perfect way for his character to make his first appearance in the film, showing off his luxurious and stylish lifestyle. It was custom made especially for the film by Spirit Yachts, a British boat manufacturer. It boasts a top speed of 43 knots, a dining room sunroof, spa pool and an abundance of water toys.

Sail Yacht Aria I - Skyfall


The James Bond films are notorious for their luxurious and extravagant methods of transportation, and Skyfall is no exception. This time the magnificent Aria I, a 56 metre steel schooner, whose exterior was designed by Ayberk Apaydin and interiors by Aylin Ors. 

Motor Yacht White Knight - The Bourne Identity

Featured in the first of the highly anticipated Bourne Identity Franchise film adaptations. Flashback scenes show the main character, Jason Bourne, onboard Motor Yacht White Knight, giving a glimpse inside the sensation interiors. The yacht is currently available to charter in the Mediterranean.

Epic 14 - Yacht - Best Yachting Locations CTA (Letterbox)

Motor Yacht Seabourn Legend - Speed 2: Cruise Control

The sequel to the infamous Speed movie is set on board the Seabourn Legend, giving the audience a good insight during the dramatic scenes into the luxurious motor yacht. Built by Leopard in Italy, the exterior was designed and engineered by Paolo Caliari.

Sail Yacht Golden Plover - Dead Calm

The psychological thriller is set on board the sailing yacht Sacren as it’s named in the film. Originally designed as a racing ketch who has taken part in many Yacht Regattas, Storm Vogel was kindly loaned to producers and takes centre stage in the movie. 

Motor Yacht Sarastar - Murder Mystery

Netflix’s star-studded comedy drama is set aboard the extravagant 60 metre superyacht, Sarastar, built by Mondomarine. Comfortably spelling 12 guests in luxurious accommodation, the vessel boasts a helipad and sunbathing or disco area. Designed by Luca Dini both inside and out, the motor yacht has a steady cruising speed of 18 knots, reaching up to 19.5 knots maximum.


Motor Yacht Galeocerdo - The Island

This eye-catching vessel looks just the part in the science-fiction thriller. One of the fastest boats in the world, this astonishing yacht, built by Wally in 2003, can reach speeds of up to 65 knots, with a cruising speed of 45 knots. 

Motor Yacht Ocean Emerald - Point Break

The extreme sports film remake was hotly anticipated by yacht enthusiasts, which did not disappoint, with the 41m Superyacht, Ocean Emerald, included in the line-up. The glamorous vessel was modified for filming, with a skateboarding ramp attached to the bow to enable show stopping stunts.

Motor Yacht Planet Nine - Tenet

The astonishing 75-metre superyacht is the centrepiece of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi spectacular. The vast Planet Nine accommodates 16 guests and includes a panoramic observatory deck, helipad and spa.

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Epic 14 - Yacht - Best Yachting Locations

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