What is a Speedboat's Speed Limit and Other Safety Tips

Speed and agility are two of the many things that are so attractive and add to the thrill of a speedboat ride. To enjoy the adventure to the full, there are still rules and regulations that should be followed to help reduce any risk of harm and damage, such as following the speed limit. Other safety tips to keep you safe include, carrying life jackets, and spare fuel tanks, letting people know your plan, having an anchor and doing your research. 

Speedboat speed limit 

A speedboat may be fast, however, there are still speed limits that have to be adhered to, to keep yourself and others safe. The speed limit will vary depending on the location and type of water you are in, so always check what the local speed restrictions are, just because your vessel can go that fast, doesn’t mean you always should.

Try and keep a safe speed at all times, this will be where the vessel can be stopped in a timely manner if danger suddenly arises. Regardless of the speed limit, you should always lower your speed when the following are concerned:

  • Poor visibility
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Other vessels
  • Navigation hazards
  • Manoeuvrability 

Other safety tips 

Along with following the speed limit, there are many other ways to keep safe on your speedboat…

Wear a life jacket 

When on any boat, it's crucial you and any other passengers wear a life jacket to ensure safety is a priority should an accident happen. If there are any children onboard, they should be fitted with a children’s life jacket, so that they fit them comfortably and can help them float if need be. If a jacket is too big, it may not help to keep your head above water, if it is too small it may not have the right amount of buoyancy to keep a person's body afloat. Remember, life jackets need to be serviced at least once a year. To make sure you don’t forget, you can use MyBoat, a completely free, digital boating organiser. MyBoat allows you to set reminders on equipment so you can sail stress-free, knowing you’ll be notified when any checks are required. Not to mention, you can store all of your boating documentation in one place and, if you’re a GJW Direct policyholder, receive exclusive discounts on big brands. 

Make people aware of your plan

When going out on a great adventure on your speedboat, don't forget to let someone know what your plan is, this is especially important if you are going out alone. Let them know a rough idea of your route for that day and the time you aim to return home. Also, before doing so, it makes sense to check the weather first. If severe rain and wind is forecast, it might be wise to rearrange your plans for another day, the last thing you want is an incident to occur, which could have easily been prevented. 

Get comprehensive boat insurance

GJW Direct offers comprehensive cover that provides many valuable features, such as…

  • Medical expense cover
  • Legal protection cover
  • Rapid claims settlement
  • Excellent financial security  

Carry a spare fuel can 

It's a good idea to carry a spare fuel can, not so that it can be used at any time, but to have it there in case of an emergency if you can not quickly find somewhere else to get fuel from.  Do keep in mind though, that this fuel should be rotated, if it gets too old then it won't be much use in the instance of an emergency, as it potentially won't start the engine. 

Get an anchor

When purchasing an anchor, make sure it has a suitable chain and warp and make sure it is the correct size for your speedboat, the larger the boat, the larger the anchor. Having an anchor allows you to stop your boat close to the shore, without having to worry that the tide may drift you away or into a hazard. 

Do your research

Before making your way out onto the open water for a day of adventuring, it's important to first do your research. Are there any hazards in the water? Are there any strong currents? What are the tides like? These are all questions you should know the answer to before heading out on the water. 


Now you've done your research and have your speedboat equipped with all the necessary safety gear, are you ready for a fast-paced day out on the glistening water? Explore the top launch locations to take your speedboat…

Top launch locations for RIBs and Speedboats

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