How To Store Your Motor Cruiser Documentation Digitally

So if you’re a boat owner, you’re probably already aware of the issue of how to store your important boat documents and receipts. It’s important to keep a record of everything from insurance policies to berthing contracts, which can mean lots of loose pieces of paper that are very easily misplaced or accidentally binned.

Some people keep everything onboard their vessel, but this comes with problems of its own. Naturally, paper-documents become damp and potentially unreadable, not to mention the worst-case scenario: if your boat floods or sinks, you’ll lose it all. You could keep everything at home, but what if you need to reference something while on the water?


So how can I store my boat documentation digitally?

Enter MyBoat: a free digital organiser where you will be able to keep all of your sailing documents safe and secure. The online portal is easy to use and signing up only takes a few moments. No more misplacing your documents, as MyBoat will keep all your information in one place for effortless organisation!

Simply set up your account and input data about your vessel, with the option to create multiple profiles with different information. When your insurance is due for renewal, MyBoat will send you a reminder well in advance. You can also put in reminders for servicing safety equipment such as lifejackets and flares, which need to be replaced or maintained after certain time periods.

The customisable dashboard is perfect for helping you keep up-to-date, letting you choose which news articles you’d like to see more of, as well as weather, wind and sea updates for your location so you can prepare for any upcoming trips. You can even tailor it to feature articles related to your type of vessel or even your local marina.

If you’re a GJW Direct insurance customer, you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts across a selection of some of the biggest names in the marine industry. From money off holidays to savings on nautical gear, to safety products and accessories, there’s plenty to choose from.

How do I sign up to MyBoat?

Creating an account is easy, just follow these three steps:

  1. Collect all of your insurance and service documents, as well as any receipts for equipment.
  2. Create an account and upload all the required data onto our secure server, setting any email notification preferences. If you’ve got more than one boat, you can add additional profiles!
  3. Whenever something is due for renewal, we’ll send a reminder within plenty of time for you to process any changes.

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