How to Transport Your Kayak

Owning a kayak creates fun adventures wherever and whenever you please, it allows you to explore new places and make even more memories, whether that be on your own, with a loved one or with family and friends.

Whoever you adventure with, you’ll need to transport at least one or more kayaks, ensuring this is done in the best way means you can enjoy exploring for longer.


Here some of our top tips for transporting your kayak…


  • When it comes to choosing a roof rack, quality matters. Don’t risk buying a cheap one as you could end up having to fork out for a brand new kayak.
  • Remember to check the height once fitted, you don’t want to approach any height barriers and find yourself in a difficult situation.
  • Avoid using wooden planks as roof bars, wood rots and can easily be damaged which could result in your kayak not being secure.
  • Ensure you use top quality straps when securing your kayak to your roof rack, any faults could cause your kayak to become loose.
  • Regularly check for damage to your straps to avoid any accidents.
  • Avoid overloading your roof rack.


When transporting multiple kayaks...


When transporting more than one kayak, you will need to place them side by side. You will most likely need a larger sized roof rack but this depends on the size and shape of your kayaks. Our advice is to thread your straps through the stackers for extra support and to secure each kayak individually.


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