Whether you’re a seasoned RIB owner or you’re new to the marina, you’ll likely have some unanswered queries. We go through the questions most commonly asked about RIBs to give you the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a RIB and a SIB?

The main design difference between the two lies in the material of the hull - SIBs have a soft hull, making them easy to deflate, transport and store, whereas RIBs have a hard hull, which is a lot more versatile, with the benefit of being much safer and offering a smoother, more comfortable ride in choppy conditions.


What are the benefits of a RIB over a SIB?

A RIB the higher-performing boat of the two, able to contend with a rough sea whilst keeping its passengers safe and much more comfortable than a SIB. It is a lot more versatile because of this and is suitable for a wide range of uses. Some RIBs have storage for equipment, which make it an ideal vessel for diving expeditions and family days out.

What RIB training courses are available?

The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) offers a series of training courses, ranging from beginner level, to intermediate and advanced, with a course available for under 16s. These will offer you the initial knowledge, or opportunity to build on your growing experience, giving you the confidence to fully enjoy your boating adventures.

What equipment do I need for my RIB?

There is a wide range of kit that you might need for an outing on your RIB depending on usage. Of course, it’s important to consider general boating essentials and safety equipment, but there are additional items you may require (or luxury items that can make your trip more comfortable) when using your boat for recreation outings. Read our Equipment must-haves for RIB owners blog for a full checklist.


How do I best maintain my RIB?

Regular maintenance can help avoid the disappointment of your boat failing when out on the water and save a fortune on costly repairs. Annual servicing by a professional is essential, but there are a few simple checks you can monitor yourself to keep your RIB in good working order. See our Maintenance Checklist for more details.

Can I customise my RIB?

One of the great benefits of a RIB is the ability to customise to suit your needs. Common adaptations include adding lights onto the A-frame and change the seats, but there is a vast array of possibilities.


How do I transport my RIB?

It is possible to transport your RIB on a trailer towed by your car. The ability to tow your RIB gives you access to a greater range of launch locations and with that broader scope for new and interesting cruising routes. There are important safety considerations and legal requirements that should be taken into account when doing so. Find out more in the following blog.

Do I need insurance to use a RIB?

It is integral that you have adequate insurance before taking your boat out on the water. Look for insurance policies which include third-party liability and personal accident cover, as well as ensuring your personal belongings and equipment will be sufficiently covered. We simplify your research by offering A buyer's guide to RIB insurance.


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